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A C# interface declaration takes the following form: [attributes] [modifiers] interface identifier [:superinterfaces] {body} For example, the C# code to declare a public interface named MyInterface that extends the superinterfaces IAnInterface and IAnotherInterface follows:
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Your Act II headlines have to come from somewhere. If they don t ow easily from your imagination, you might need to loosen things up with a little brainstorming. A number of excellent books and online resources such as www.innovationtools.com are available to help you to brainstorm new ideas either on your own or with your team. Whatever technique you decide to use, you need to understand the relationship between the fruit of your brainstorming labor and the story template process you undertake in Act II. Brainstorming is the art of generating ideas for a particular purpose; it supports an environment of free- owing thinking without constraints. Presentation development is the art of selecting and prioritizing ideas; it calls on a different set of skills, including critical thinking, selection, prioritization, and reasoning. When you ve nished your brainstorming exercises, the story template helps you to select the ideas that best support the focus of your presentation. As you begin to work on Act II, gather all of the brainstorming ideas you might have on hand, whether they re in the form of lists, note cards, whiteboard diagrams, or other formats. Then apply the process of writing your Act II headlines described in this chapter. At times, you might need to switch back into a brainstorming mode when you re stuck on a headline or if your Act II structure isn t working. But when you ve generated fresh ideas, it s time to switch back into story template mode so that you can select appropriate ideas that support the focus of your presentation. Brainstorming and using the story template are different but complementary techniques, and when you alternate the two, you can have the best of both worlds the correct selection of the freshest ideas that support your singular story.
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What Happened to the Administrator Account . . . . . 435 Learning About Your Own Account with Whoami . . . 437 Adanced Account Setup Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 437
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// DynaDTO Builders protected Builder scheduleEntryInfoBuilder; protected Builder reminderInfoBuilder; public ScheduleEntryInfo scheduleSessionForUser(Integer userId, Integer sessionId) { // look up the Session Session session = presentationDAO.getSessionById(sessionId); Presentation presentation = session.getPresentation(); User user = userDAO.getUserById(userId); String name = presentation.getAbstract().getTitle(); String description = "In room " + session.getRoom().getName() + " starting at " + session.getDateTimeBegin(); ScheduleEntry scheduleEntry = new ScheduleEntry(); scheduleEntry.setName(name); scheduleEntry.setDescription(description); scheduleEntry.setSession(session); scheduleEntry.setUser(user); scheduleDAO.saveScheduleEntry(scheduleEntry); return (ScheduleEntryInfo) scheduleEntryInfoBuilder.build(scheduleEntry); } public void unscheduleSessionForUser(Integer scheduleEntryId) { scheduleDAO.deleteScheduleEntry(scheduleEntryId); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<ScheduleEntryInfo> getScheduleForUser(Integer userId) { List<ScheduleEntry> entities = scheduleDAO.getScheduleEntriesForUser(userId); return scheduleEntryInfoBuilder.buildList(entities); } public ReminderInfo createReminder(Integer scheduleEntryId, Date dateTime, String message) { ScheduleEntry scheduleEntry = new ScheduleEntry(); scheduleEntry.setId(scheduleEntryId); Reminder reminder = new Reminder(); reminder.setDateAndTime(dateTime); reminder.setMessage(message); reminder.setScheduleEntry(scheduleEntry);
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In Windows Small Business Server 2008, usually a single computer acts as the physical server box (though you can have secondary servers), but that box provides a variety of services to the network beyond the usual le and print services. These services meet your core business needs, including authentication and security, e-mail and collaboration, an Internet connection, sharing, faxing, and even database services and a full-featured rewall in Premium Edition.
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Planning for the Verbal Channel by Writing Down What You ll Say
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Do This
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Part II:
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The sample Web part we ll build grabs information about books and authors using a given search engine. You can use the Google or the Amazon API, or you can write your own engine that searches a local or remote database. In this example, I simply want to get information about books written by a certain author. All I need is the author s name. A call to the search engine consists of the following code:
Based on my presentation experience, a skyline with trendline is very popular with audiences . The borderless columns, which have a gap width of 0 percent and a solid, pale blue fill, became a two-dimensional background figure that gives the optical priority to the trendline (which is to be in the spotlight anyway) . The predominance of the trendline (moving average) is further enhanced by a shadow . Additionally, the line is supposed to give a calm impression . Therefore, its period was set to 6 .
You want to install an application that runs on client computers running Windows XP Professional in your Active Directory domain. You do not want to add user accounts to the Power Users group on these machines, nor do you want to configure the client computers using the Compatible security template. How can you find out whether an application you have chosen will run under these constraints A. Consult the Microsoft Windows Catalog and look for the Designed For Windows XP logo. B. Obtain a VeriSign Code Signing Identity. C. Create a Windows installer package. D. Consult the Windows Catalog and look for the Compatible With Windows XP logo.
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