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you can instead get multiple thread pool threads to assist in performing this work by using the Parallel class s For method:
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Step B In many cases, the collection of data resulting from step A has a number of deficiencies as a data source for a chart or the basis for a presentation:
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Introducing Silverlight 3
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Networked two computers, named Computer1 and Computer2, each running Windows Server 2003. Computer1 should be assigned a static address of, and Computer2 should be assigned an alternate address of Computer2 should also be configured to obtain an IP address automatically. A phone line and dial-up Internet service provider (ISP) account. (Although you can substitute a dedicated Internet connection for this requirement, you will have to make appropriate adjustments to lesson exercises.) Installed the Network Monitor Tools subcomponent of the Management And Mon itoring Tools Windows component on Computer1. Installed Windows Support Tools on Computer1.
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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
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Each Task object has a set of fields that make up the task s state . There is an Int32 ID (see Task s read-only Id property), an Int32 representing the execution state of the Task, a reference to the parent task, a reference to the TaskScheduler specified when the Task was created, a reference to the callback method, a reference to the object that is to be passed to the callback method (queryable via Task s read-only AsyncState property), a reference to an ExecutionContext, and a reference to a ManualResetEventSlim object . In addition, each Task object has a reference to some supplementary state that is created on demand .
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Monitoring DNS Performance with System Monitor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-24
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Figure 9-13 Use the new attachment data type to include other data files in your Office Access 2007 tables.
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When you waited for your threads to finish by using the join method, you could have specified a timeout value (in seconds) for which to wait. If the thread doesn t finish within that time, join returns nil. Here s an example where each thread is given only 1 second to execute: threads.each do |thread| puts "Thread #{thread.object_id} didn't finish in 1s" unless thread.join(1) end
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Placing all information on the slide area results in an overwhelming amount of information on the slide.
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VPN Deployment
The core of the Bot class is the response_to method. It s used to pass user input to the bot and get the bot s response in return. However, the method itself should be simple and have one line per required operation to call private methods that perform each step.
Security and Privacy Issues
This code generates the following output:
I will represent each month by its start date stored as a DATETIME. This will allow flexible manipulation of the data using date-related functions. To ensure the value would be valid in the datatype, I stored the first day of the month as the day portion. Of course, I'll ignore it in my calculations.
void BindData() { StringReader reader = new StringReader(_dataSource); DataSet ds = new DataSet(); ds.ReadXml(reader); // Assume the DataSet contains a table named Details // (This is the case if you use the Amazon API) Presenter.DataSource = ds.Tables["Details"]; Presenter.DataBind(); }
In this chapter, we ve seen some of the principles of e-commerce in the real, hostile world where it s important to focus on short-term revenue and keeping risks down. We ve looked at the three basic reasons an e-commerce site can make money: Acquiring more customers Making customers spend more Reducing the costs of fulfilling orders We ve applied those principles to a three-phase plan that provides a deliverable, usable site at each stage and continues to expand throughout the book. At this point, you ve presented your plan to the owners of the hat shop. In the next chapter, you ll put on your programming hat and start to design and build the web site (assuming you get the contract, of course).
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