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The previous example shows how to use Web Parts in a page and how to switch the page among various modes at run time . The catalog built into the page includes a TextBox control that you can add to a WebPartZone on the page . The example delivers a glimpse of the flexibility and power of Web Parts . However, simply dropping a TextBox onto a WebPartZone isn t very interesting . In this example, you build a hyperlink Web Part that you can use to augment the Links WebPartZone. Developing a Web Part is actually fairly straightforward and quite similar to developing a custom control (like the ones in 4, Custom Rendered Controls, and 5, Composite Controls ) . Instead of deriving a class from System.Web.UI.Controls.WebControl or System.Web.UI.Controls.CompositeControl, you derive a class from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart . From that point, you have the choice of either rendering HTML or composing a Web Part from other ASP .NET controls . The WebPart includes considerable functionality for integrating with the Web Part architecture .
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Encoding and Decoding Streams of Characters and Bytes
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Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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We recommend that you use Internet Authentication Service (IAS) for your Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server needs and functionality. This recommendation is not a marketing ploy like use our brand of cheese when eating our brand of crackers. There are important benefits to using IAS for the RADIUS needs of your organization rather than using a third-party RADIUS server. For start ers, IAS uses industry-standard RADIUS protocols to handle all the work, so it is fully compliant with third-party RADIUS solutions. Also, Microsoft IAS gives you more capabilities because it has extensions beyond the base industry-standard functionality through its integration into the Active Directory directory service. It also has the ability to work with groups and group policy, which is a major compo nent in applying VPN resources to your user base. Another factor is the structured query language-Extended Markup Language (SQL XML) based logging capabilities of IAS. These capabilities allow for centralized and database-capable authorization, authentication, and accounting (AAA) logging across the enterprise for all access solutions, including remote access over VPN. Finally, using IAS will enable single sign-on solutions across the enterprise, incor porating the VPN solutions into all other access-controlled systems. This capability means that you have to create user accounts and directory services only once in a central control location for your organization s needs.
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The Wizard Control
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Before You Begin
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Part V
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <siteMap xmlns="" > <siteMapNode url="" title="Home" description=""> <siteMapNode url="products.aspx" title="Products" description=""> <siteMapNode url="productDetails.aspx" title="Product Details" description="" /> </siteMapNode> <siteMapNode url="services.aspx" title="Services" description="" /> <siteMapNode url="locations.aspx" title="Locations" description="" /> <siteMapNode url="about.aspx" title="About Us" description="" /> </siteMapNode> </siteMap>
Lesson 1
Server-Grade Hardware
Implementing the dispose pattern is hardly trivial . Now let me explain what all this code does . First, the SafeHandle class implements the System.IDisposable interface . This interface is defined in the FCL as follows:
action. When you assign an entity, you change the owner of the record from one user to a different user. When you reparent an entity, you change a record s parent entity by using the lookup tool. Changing the parent account of an Account is an example of reparenting an entity.
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