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6 Entity: Fields and Option Sets
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Notice that the view was created with the SCHEMABINDING option, the tables are referenced with two-part names, the COUNT_BIG function is used because it s a query that calculates aggregates, and the index created on the view is both clustered and unique . SQL Server doesn t regenerate the whole index whenever the underlying tables are modified; rather, it maintains the index in a smarter manner . When you insert data, SQL Server identifies the affected row of the view and increments the aggregate values totalqty and cnt for that row . When you delete data, SQL Server decrements these values . When you update data in the underlying tables, SQL Server updates the aggregate values accordingly . To observe the performance benefit indexed views can give you, run the following query after turning on the STATISTICS IO option and the Include Actual Execution Plan in SSMS:
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The StreamReader and StreamWriter classes, as well as examples of using string encoding in the context of stream and file operations, can be found in 10.
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15. Remoting
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The .eq() function allows you to cut down the size of your result set to a single item from the returned set. This code selects the second <h2/> item and turns it green. (Note that the index is zero based.) (continued)
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Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional
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Lesson 3
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
DELETE FROM Sales.Customers WHERE custid > 91; DBCC CHECKIDENT('Sales.Customers', RESEED, 91);
Now that we have the two VPN routers connecting, we must make sure they are able to forward packets to each other s network. We will now discuss routing and filtering issues. If traffic cannot be sent and received between locations on the intra net that are beyond the VPN routers, check the following:
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