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One of the most compelling features of Silverlight is how it gives you the ability to incorporate animations in the content space . Silverlight provides a uniform and consistent means of animating UI elements within a visual tree . To understand how Silverlight animation works, you need to understand a bit about Silverlight dependency properties . Many Silverlight classes expose their properties as dependency properties, which work this way . As a concrete example, think about the Button control . Instead of storing properties such as Height and Width as actual data members within the Button class, Silverlight stores the actual data for these properties in a backing store managed by Silverlight . Backing store is simply a term that means that the underlying class or infrastructure provides the memory for the property data storage . Each class gets its own storage for data members, and the values are keyed to the class instance identities . This might seem like an odd way to approach storing data members, but it provides the developer two important features . First, storing data this way can save a lot of instance data, which helps performance (for example, by reducing garbage collections) . Another main feature is that when the values change (for any reason), Silverlight can trigger events for example, telling the scene to rearrange (and redraw) itself . This eliminates the need to write all those painting event handlers when any (from a possible multitude) of values change . Animations best illustrate the value of dependency properties . All Silverlight animations generally work the same way: . . . . . 1 . . Choose the property you wish to animate (only dependency properties can be animated) . 2 . . Choose from a number of animation drivers (there s one for most data types, including double, integer values, Boolean values, colors, and so on) . 3 . . Connect the animation driver to the property . 4 . . Create a storyboard to hold the animation and add the animation . 5 . . Start the storyboard . When the storyboard starts, it uses the animation drivers to modify the target properties . Because the target properties are dependency properties, changes become immediately apparent . For example, if you animate the Width property of a button, you literally see the width of the button change .
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The World as It Was
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shot, you might want to simply zoom in on the subject to balance the shot more evenly. Zoom in and check the shot. Zoom in on the subject you are recording and then check the focus. Zooming in and checking the focus provides a way for you to check the video you are recording to get the best shot possible. Change the depth of field. The depth of field is the area in front of and behind the subject that is in focus. It changes when you zoom in or out from the subject you are recording. When you change the depth of field, you can focus your audience s attention on the subject you are recording. For example, you can stand about 20 feet from a person you are recording and then zoom in. When you do this, people in front of the person and the people behind them appear out of focus and are blurry while your subject remains in focus. This helps to focus your audience s attention on the main subject in the shot. Figure 6.1 shows an example of a subject that is isolated by narrowing the depth of field.
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-42
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If a customer changes the order date for an order, how do you perform the update (Redundancy)
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megabit per second T3 (also known as a Digital Services-3 [DS-3]) dedicated WAN link. The number of concurrent connections Contoso, LTD. supports and the amount of traffic that will be passing over the VPN systems will determine how much bandwidth they need. The main site VPN router must accommodate all remote access and site-to-site connections concurrently, so
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Method to Decrypt SecureString to Buffer
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Note SQL Developer for Windows does not create any menu shortcuts or icons on the desktop. You need to create these manually if you want them. Create a desktop shortcut by right clicking on the file and selecting Send To Desktop (create shortcut). SQL Developer also does not create any registry entries. Thus, uninstalling SQL Developer is as simple as deleting the SQL Developer directory that you created when you unpacked the archive.
I mentioned word earlier in the previous sentence . Why am I drawing attention to the fact that I used this word Well, it implies something: The data type I am going to use to represent time points must support ordering . It has to support operators such as greater than, less than, and, of course, equal to .
User s Mask
A database operation is normally a synchronous operation the caller regains control of the application only after the interaction with the database is completed. This approach can lead to performance and scalability issues in lengthy operations a pretty common scenario when you interact with DBMSs. The .NET Framework 1.x supports asynchronous operations, but the model is implemented around user-level code. In other words, you can implement your own procedures asynchronously and connect to databases and run commands as part of the code, but connection management and command execution remain atomic operations that execute synchronously. ADO.NET 2.0 provides true asynchronous support for executing commands. This offers a clear performance advantage because you perform other actions until the command completes. However, this is not the only benefit. The user interface of the client application isn t blocked while the command runs.
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Installing Smarty implies simply copying the Smarty PHP classes to your project s folder. Many web-hosting companies provide these classes for you, but it s better to have your own installation for two reasons: It s always preferable to make your project independent of the server s settings, when possible. Even if the hosting system has Smarty installed, that company s version might be changed in time, perhaps without notice, possibly affecting your web site s functionality.
The Windows Server 2003 Security white paper is an excellent source of secu rity templates and describes how to use them to implement a strategy like the one defined here. (Go to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/ LinkId=14846.)
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