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following example, you will see the de nition for the BuildStarted and ProjectStarted events. In production code, exceptions would be properly handled.
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Copy connection information to another computer
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A webmaster can t really know who is visiting a web site without hard data. A webmaster may create a site focusing on a topic area he knows very well and expect to predict what content will be popular. Often enough, an unexpected article will catch the public s attention or gain a link reference from a highly ranked web site that will make it the most popular piece on the site. Only by examining the actual traffic of the site can such activity be ascertained. There are many more web statistics packages than the ones described in this chapter. Hopefully this overview has provided a foundation by which you can examine the numerous available applications. I would suggest that you try more than one, and by comparing them with each other, you will be able to determine the one that best suits your needs.
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Both routing and remote access services coexist on the same server running Routing And Remote Access. Both remote access clients and routers can call the same phone number. The server running Routing And Remote Access that answers the call must be able to distinguish a remote access client from a router that is calling to create a demand-dial connection. To differentiate a remote access client from a demand-dial router, the user name in the authentication credentials sent by the calling router must exactly match the name of a demand-dial interface on the answering router. Otherwise, the incoming connection is assumed to be a remote access connection.
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If you stop AD DS, the DNS, KDC, and Intersite Messaging services will stop as well.
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Because the view is presenting the same data in a different visual representation, the view model does not need to be involved in the navigation between representations. In this case, navigation is entirely handled within the view itself. This approach gives the UI designer the flexibility to design a compelling user experience without requiring changes to the application s code. Microsoft Expression Blend behaviors provide a good way to implement this style of navigation in a view. The State-Based Navigation QuickStart application uses Expression Blend s DataStateBehavior and binds it to a radio button to switch between two visual states that are defined by the visual state manager: one button to show the contacts as a list and one button to show the contacts as icons. The following example demonstrates this usage.
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Lesson Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-28
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Namespaces allow for the logical grouping of related types, and developers typically use them to make it easier to locate a particular type . For example, the System.Text namespace defines a bunch of types for performing string manipulations, and the System.IO namespace defines a bunch of types for performing I/O operations . Here s some code that constructs a System.IO.FileStream object and a System.Text.StringBuilder object:
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Enabled or Inherit
Other .Cache .Providers
As of this writing, the UTF-16 and UTF-8 encodings are becoming quite popular . It is also quite popular to encode a sequence of bytes to a base-64 string . The FCL does offer methods to do base-64 encoding and decoding, and you might expect that this would be accomplished via an Encoding-derived type . However, for some reason, base-64 encoding and decoding is done using some static methods offered by the System.Convert type . To encode a base-64 string as an array of bytes, you call Convert s static FromBase64String or FromBase64CharArray method . Likewise, to decode an array of bytes as a base-64 string, you call Convert s static ToBase64String or ToBase64CharArray method . The following code demonstrates how to use some of these methods:
public static Object Parse(Type enumType, String value, Boolean ignoreCase);
SELECT P.partid, P.partname, PE.qty, PE.unit, PE.lvl FROM dbo.PartsExplosion(2) AS PE JOIN dbo.Parts AS P ON P.partid = PE.partid;
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