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reading multiple data rows
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suggested Practices
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Examining a String s Characters and Text Elements
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Suggested CLS-Compliant Method Name
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Audit Policy user interface settings for the Logon/Logoff audit policy category.
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On Windows, you can use File.join to put together a filename using directory names and a final filename: File.join('full', 'path', 'here', 'filename.txt')
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This query generates the following output:
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The Application_BeginRequest event occurs every time a user makes a request to the application . This is a good place to handle anything that needs to occur before the request starts in earnest .
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Cancelling, Stopping, Postponing, and Reprioritizing Builds
1 . HTTP is used for web browser and web server communication. 2. The Request object in ASP.NET wraps the communication from the web browser
derivative. This includes the DataSet class.
GetGlobalResourceObject method to load these.
Java provides the static javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory.newTransformer method to create instances of javax.xml.transform.Transformer. The TransformerFactory provides a vendor-neutral mechanism, allowing different Tranformer implementations to be easily plugged into the generic framework.
<ItemGroup> <Compile Include="Form1.cs" /> </ItemGroup> <ItemGroup> <Compile Include="Form1.Designer.cs" /> </ItemGroup> <ItemGroup> <Compile Include="Program.cs" /> </ItemGroup> <ItemGroup> <Compile Include="Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs" /> </ItemGroup>
Part II
In this chapter, you looked at options for styling your Silverlight applications. You saw how to define style properties inline using both Visual Studio and Expression Blend. Then you explored defining styles with Silverlight styles, both at the document level and the application level. In the next chapter, you will look at using Expression Blend to define Silverlight transformations and animations.
The Portland branch office is an L2TP/IPSec-based branch office that uses a Windows Server 2003 router to create an on-demand, site-to-site VPN connection with the VPN server in New York as needed. When the connection is made and is idle for five minutes, the connection is terminated. To deploy an L2TP/IPSec, one-way initiated, on-demand, site-to-site VPN connection to the corporate office based on the settings configured in the Common Configuration for the VPN Server and On-Demand Branch Office sections of this chapter, the following settings are configured on the Portland router.
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