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When the read of the data from the service is complete, the wc_OpenReadCompleted function is called. This takes a parameter of the type OpenReadCompletedEventArgs called e. This argument contains a Result property that is a Stream. You can read the XML from this stream using a StreamReader:
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Partitions and Volumes
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Lesson 2: Using ASP.NET Membership
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The United States government has also created accessibility standards in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Depending on the organization for which you are developing a web application, you might be required to conform your application to these standards. The Section 508 guidelines are conceptually similar to the WCAG guidelines.
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Clips on the Audio/Music track are not anchored to the video clips with which they re aligned . If the video clips moves (for example, because you insert another video clip or trim a clip), you ll have to realign your sound and video . To avoid frustration, get all your visual blocks in place, and then add sound .
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ZeroFreeBSTR ZeroFreeCoTaskMemAnsi ZeroFreeCoTaskMemUnicode ZeroFreeGlobalAllocAnsi ZeroFreeGlobalAllocUnicode
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Viewing Jambook Information
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For more on building your own alerts as well as security add-ins, visit
2 ASP.NET Application Fundamentals
SELECT E.empid, E.empname FROM dbo.Employees AS M JOIN dbo.Employees AS E ON M.empid = 2 AND E.hid.GetAncestor(1) = M.hid;
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Code can now call Swap like this:
System.Net System.Runtime.InteropServices
Each Bitmap operator creates a bitmap from the dimension table rows returned by a lter. The bitmap represents the set of join keys for these rows. Then when the fact table (Orders in our case) is scanned, rows that don t satisfy the dimension table lter condition can be identi ed and excluded based on their join key. You can tell that a lter is an optimized bitmap lter when its name starts with Opt_, as in Opt_Bitmap1008. If you re trying to reproduce a plan with bitmap lters and can t manage to do so, consider the following. Bitmap lters are used only in parallel execution plans. Parallel plans are considered only if you have more than one processor and the execution plan cost is greater than 5.
Because a heap doesn t maintain the data in any particular order, new rows that are added to the table can go anywhere. SQL Server uses bitmap pages called Page Free Space (PFS) to keep track of free space in pages so that it can quickly nd a page with enough free space to accommodate a new row or allocate a new one if no such page exists. When a row expands as a result of an update to a variable-length column and the page has no room for the row to expand, SQL Server moves the expanded row to a page with enough space to accommodate it and leaves behind what s known as a forwarding pointer that points to the new location of the row. The purpose of forwarding pointers is to avoid the need to modify pointers to the row from nonclustered indexes when data rows move. I didn t yet explain a concept called a page split (because page splits can happen only in B-trees), but suf ce to say for now that heaps do not incur page splits. The relevance of this fact will become apparent later in the chapter.
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