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Incoporate QR Code in C#.net FigURE 11-3 The DataSet template contains an XML schema definition and generates source code to

FIGURE 25-28 The MIME Types feature in IIS Manager console
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transacted operation. Only the roles in that upgrade domain will be stopped, upgraded, and restarted. This means that the roles in other upgrade domains will continue to be available and can service requests. After the upgrade to one domain completes and the roles restart, the upgrade process automatically moves to the next upgrade domain. If you are concerned that the performance of your application will degrade during the upgrade process when the roles in an upgrade domain are stopped, you should consider configuring additional role instances in an additional upgrade domain to maintain capacity. You can also specify that updates be applied to only a single upgrade domain, and to only specific types of roles within that domain. This allows you, for example, to upgrade just the web roles without stopping and restarting the worker roles (which would result in the loss of any local state they may hold). If you specify only a single upgrade domain for a service, you will not benefit from the capability to maintain availability when performing an in-place upgrade. You specify the number of upgrade domains for your service using the upgradeDomainCount attribute of the root ServiceDefinition element in the service definition (.csdef) file. The default is five upgrade domains for each service. For information about the ServiceDefinition element, see the relevant section of Service Definition Schema on MSDN (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ ee758711.aspx#ServiceDefinition). Within your code, you can query the UpdateDomain property of the RoleInstance class to discover which upgrade domain a role is located within (note the inconsistent naming of this property). The RoleInstance class also exposes the FaultDomain property, but this will only return the values 1 or 2 because a service is only guaranteed to run in two fault domains, even though it may be physically located in more than two.
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Note There are multiple instances of the Phone Call button, such as the one that exists
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User-Defined Positioning of the Category Axis
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VPN Overview
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12. Type exit and then press Enter to exit the Nslookup utility. 13. At a new command prompt on Computer2, type dnscmd computer1 /info, and then press Enter. An output appears that provides a configuration summary of the DNS server on Computer1.
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However, this does not involve just one of these combinations, but four or even 127, and this row is only counted if it contains all four or all 127 . When used for the first time, both functions (SUMIFS/COUNTIFS) definitely cause some confusion, not least because these functions can be used together to determine average values and because the syntax of SUMIFS does not correspond to the argument sequence for SUMIF . I recommend that you conduct your own experiments with these extremely useful functions . Therefore, I won t provide lengthy descriptions of the references used here in our example . Tip If you develop and test such formulas, you should also simultaneously set appropriate
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Document Collaboration
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xxvi Introduction
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Duplicate Jobs
Important It is possible to have different assemblies on a single machine all with the same
Class B network address
The New Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard
This chapter covers different facets of data modification. I'll discuss logical aspects such as inserting new rows and removing rows with duplicate data and performance aspects such as dealing with large volumes of data. Note that I covered some aspects of data modification in other chapters where they fit the subject matter better. You can find coverage of modifications with TOP in 7 and of the BULK rowset provider, tempdb, and transactions in Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: T-SQL Programming (Microsoft Press, 2006). I organized this chapter in sections based on the three main types of data modification activities: inserting data, deleting data, and updating data. As usual for this book, I'll cover solutions in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as well as enhancements in SQL Server 2005.
{:name => "Graham", :age => 34, :gender => :male}, {:name => "Lorraine", :age => 29, :gender => :female} ] csv_data = FasterCSV.generate do |csv| people.each do |person| csv << [person[:name], person[:age], person[:gender]] end end puts csv_data
6 Entity: Fields and Option Sets
FIGURE 10-1 Video cropped to the size of the Silverlight control.
Retrieval: Multiple Tables and Aggregation
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