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19 Nullable Value Types
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A quick comparison of the IL for these two versions of the Main method shows that the version without the (Int32) cast is 10 bytes smaller than the version with the cast . The extra unbox/box steps in the first version are obviously generating more code . An even bigger concern, however, is that the extra boxing step allocates an additional object from the managed heap that must be garbage collected in the future . Certainly, both versions give identical results, and the difference in speed isn t noticeable, but extra, unnecessary boxing operations occurring in a loop cause the performance and memory usage of your application to be seriously degraded . You can improve the previous code even more by calling WriteLine like this:
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The Monitoring tab allows you to test basic DNS functionality with two simple tests. The first test is a simple query against the local DNS server. To perform the first test successfully, the server must be able to answer forward and reverse queries targeted at itself. The second test is a recursive query to the root DNS servers. To perform this second test successfully, the DNS server computer must be able to connect to the root servers specified on the Root Hints tab. The Monitoring tab, shown in Figure 5-10, also allows you to schedule these tests to be conducted at regular intervals. The results of the tests, whether performed manually or automatically, are shown in the Test Results area of the tab.
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Important When a Timer object is garbage collected, its finalization code tells the thread pool
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In some cases, a program written for an earlier version of Windows might install successfully but still not run well. In such situations, the Program Compatibility Wizard is your friend. The wizard lets you take measures designed to convince your program that it s running in the environment for which it was designed. To run the Program Compatibility Wizard, open Programs in Control Panel. Then, under Programs And Features, click Use An Older Program With This Version Of Windows. Then follow the step-by-step instructions. As an alternative to using the Program Compatibility Wizard, you can modify the properties of the program s shortcut. Open the Start menu, find the program you want to adjust, right-click its Start-menu entry, and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. Then click the Compatibility tab. Figure 4-3 shows an example of what you ll see.
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If Your Language Doesn t Have Enumerated Types
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The functionality of XmlValidatingReader is predominantly the same as XmlTextReader, described in the "XmlTextReader" section earlier in this chapter. However, XmlValidatingReader includes a number of new members and some members that operate differently than in XmlTextReader; these differences are the focus of this section.
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Instead of using two separate subqueries for the sort column (OrderDate ) and the tiebreaker (OrderID ), you can use nested subqueries: SELECT OrderID, CustomerID, EmployeeID, OrderDate, RequiredDate FROM dbo.Orders AS O1 WHERE OrderID = (SELECT MAX(OrderID) FROM dbo.Orders AS O2 WHERE O2.EmployeeID = O1.EmployeeID AND O2.OrderDate = (SELECT MAX(OrderDate) FROM dbo.Orders AS O3 WHERE O3.EmployeeID = O1.EmployeeID));
SQL Explorer is an open source Eclipse plug-in that is a fork of the JFaceDbc plug-in, which became a commercial product. SQLExplorer is available from SourceForge at http://sourceforge. net/projects/eclipsesql. SQLExplorer features the ability to interact with any JDBC-compliant database and provides support for pluggable functionality for specific database platform needs and tools like Hibernate.
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