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Contoso, LTD. is using a native-mode Active Directory directory service domain, and the network administrator for Contoso, LTD. has decided on an access-bygroup administrative model. The remote access permission on all user accounts is set to Control Access Through Remote Access Policy. The granting of remote access permission to connection attempts is controlled by the remote access permission setting on the first matching remote access policy. Remote access policies are used to apply different VPN connection settings based on group membership.
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Frame Types and the NWLink (IPX) Protocol
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Rather than have overflow checking turned on or off globally, programmers are much more likely to want to decide case by case whether to have overflow checking. C# allows this flexibility by offering checked and unchecked operators. Here s an example. (Assume that the compiler is building unchecked code by default.)
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<param name="onLoad" value="onSilverlightLoad" />
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Drive Options
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Man y integration problems arise from using global data. For techniques on working with global data safely, see Section 13.3, Global Data.
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part, in exactly the same way . Therefore, my earlier orientation of rows and columns in the data series as well my guidelines on creating gaps between bars apply to both column charts and bar charts . All of the bar charts presented here are non-standard charts because the primary horizontal axis is across the top of the chart rather than across the bottom of the chart . To make this setting, proceed as follows: 1. In a standard bar chart, select the primary horizontal axis and press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Axis dialog box . 2. Activate the Axis Options tab and then the Categories in reverse order option .
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Developers creating class libraries or frameworks typically want to produce API documentation for the consumers of their assemblies. Even normal applications can bene t from producing API documentation because it allows other developers to understand the purpose and usage of the different classes the application is comprised of. The standard method of documenting classes is by using the XML documentation syntax supported by both C# and Visual Basic .NET. This example shows the XML documentation on a simple Person class:
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The /C and /K command-line arguments allow you to start a Command Prompt session and run a command an MS-DOS command or a batch program, for example. The difference between the two is the Cmd /C commandstring terminates the Command Prompt session as soon as commandstring has finished, whereas Cmd /K commandstring keeps the Command Prompt session open after commandstring has finished. Note the following:
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Coloring Elements
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What, For Whom, How, and With What
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services
Verify that IP is enabled for routing on both the calling router and answering
Part I ASP.NET Essentials
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