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To perform basic installation and configuration
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Page 144 ing into the audio device and seeing how the levels move up or down on the Input level meter. If you are using a DV camera for capturing, the Input level slider does not appear. Select the Capture time limit check box to set the amount of capturing time. After the time limit expires, capturing stops automatically. Select the Create clips check box if you want your video to be separated into clips after you save the WMV file and it is imported into the current project. 7. Depending on whether you are capturing live or taped audio and video, do one of the following: If you are capturing taped video or audio, make sure the device is set to the playback mode (often labeled VTR or VCR on a camera), cue the tape to the part you want to capture, and then press the play button. If you are using a DV camera connected to an IEEE 1394 port, you can use the Digital video camera controls to locate the section of the video and audio that you want to capture. The tape begins playing automatically when you click the Capture button. If you are capturing live video or audio, focus the camera on the person or thing you want to record. If you are capturing live audio from a standalone microphone, make sure the microphone is attached properly. 8. Click Capture to begin capturing. 9. After you have finished capturing video or audio, click Stop. If you are capturing taped video or audio from an analog camera or VCR, press the stop button on your playback device as well. If you are capturing from a DV camera, the tape stops playing automatically. If you selected the Capture time limit check box, capturing stops automatically once the time limit has expired. Therefore, you do not need to click Stop. However, you can click Stop to end capturing at any time. 10. In the File name box, type a name for the captured Windows Media file. Click Save, and then click Finish to complete the Capture Wizard. The file will be saved as a WMV file if you captured video, or as a WMA file if you captured audio only. After you complete the Capture Wizard, the video and audio is imported into the current project. If you captured video with audio, the video is stored in the Video folder. If you captured audio only, the audio is stored in the Audio folder.
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6 Error Handling
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C# uses a colon followed by a comma-separated list of superinterfaces to specify inheritance.
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Selecting the I Have option in any of the available options dialog boxes, as described in the preceding paragraphs, causes Security Center to stop monitoring a particular security component and, therefore, to stop displaying security alert messages that sprout from the notification area . However, you might want to disable the alerts but not disable Security Center monitoring . This ensures that alerts don t pop up at inopportune times, such as during a presentation . To disable alerts, in Security Center click Change The Way Security Center Alerts Me, the last link on the left side . In the dialog box that appears, shown below, you can disable Security Center alerts and, if you like, repress the notification area icon . (The shield icon provides a quick status check; a red shield with an X or a yellow shield with an exclamation point indicates that Security Center isn t satisfied with your current settings .)
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Registry contains a collection of named locations Modules register view types in the registry
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More Information
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The index created on the table MyGroupingSets is de ned on the grp_id column as the rst key to allow ef cient retrieval of all rows associated with a single grouping set. For example, consider the following query, which asks for all rows associated with the grouping set ( custid, YEAR(orderdate), MONTH(orderdate) ):
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Part III Essential Types
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1234.ToString("##\t##") = 12 34
FIGURE 1-8 Build Events tab
The pattern requires the sender parameter to be of type Object mostly because of inheritance . What if MailManager were used as a base class for SmtpMailManager In this case, the callback method should have the sender parameter prototyped as SmtpMailManager instead of MailManager, but this can t happen because SmtpMailManager just inherited the NewMail event . So the code that was expecting SmtpMailManager to raise the event must still have to cast the sender argument to SmtpMailManager . In other words, the cast is still required, so the sender parameter might as well be typed as Object . The next reason for typing the sender parameter as Object is just flexibility . It allows the delegate to be used by multiple types that offer an event that passes a NewMailEventArgs object . For example, a PopMailManager class could use the delegate even if this class were not derived from MailManager .
Exercise: Installing Smarty
Monitoring System Actiities With Eent Viewer
This chapter covers the Microsoft .NET Framework networking classes, showing how they work and where there are differences from the java.net package. Table 14-1 shows the tiers of service provided by the classes in the java.net package alongside their .NET equivalents.
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