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If you want to look at complete examples for any language, the common files I've included with the SettingsMaster project set up your projects based on all the recommendations I discussed in 2. You can use the .NET projects as is, but you might want to change some of the defaults for the native C++ projects. In the C++ projects I turn on Unicode character strings and a few other settings I personally like, but these might cause problems for your projects. I marked each node that you might want to change with comments in the XML files. SettingsMaster Implementation Highlights Many of you might be happy just using SettingsMaster, but the implementation is moderately interesting. When I first started thinking about SettingsMaster, I started the work in a macro because it's so much simpler to deal with than a full add-in. I included the original macro with this book's sample files in the SettingsMaster\OriginalMacro directory if you want to look at it. Once I had the macro working, I didn't want to translate all that code into C#, so I went ahead and just implemented the add-in in Visual Basic .NET. Since Visual Basic .NET is simply C# without semicolons, it's trivial to slide between languages. The hardest part of SettingsMaster was defining the XML schema. Since the files are relatively small, I could use the wonderful XmlDocument class to make navigating through the document trivial. If I were to do it all over again, I would look at the XML schema to see whether I could combine everything into one file. When you look at the code, you'll see that I have slightly more duplicated code in processing the two project types than I wanted. The real magic to SettingsMaster is the wonderful trick of .NET reflection. The ability to create a class on the fly and call methods or set and get properties is one of the greatest features of .NET. Since I had the configurations and projects, I used reflection to create the individual tools and properties. I put a ton of comments in the code, so you should have no trouble following how everything works. The biggest hurdle I faced writing SettingsMaster was creating an enumerated type value. Since .NET is strongly typed, if I couldn't create a specific Enum value, it was going to be hard to set the numerous settings both the Project and VCProject object exposed. After numerous false starts, I finally had to ask for help. Francesco Balena came through and reminded me that the System.Enum.Parse method does the job just fine. Once I had that method, everything else was simple grunt work through the XML files. SettingsMaster Future Enhancements SettingsMaster is very useful as is, but if you're looking for a project, there are plenty of enhancements you could add to SettingsMaster to make it even better: There is no configuration editor for the XML configuration files. Since the property grids are fairly easy to program, you might want to consider writing a configuration file editor so that you don't have to edit the configuration files by hand. This configuration editor should be accessible from the SettingsMaster command bar as well as the Options dialog box property page. One feature that would be relatively easy to add would be an event handler that watches when projects load and automatically updates the project settings. The VCPlatform object is where you can set some of the global options that pertain to native C++ projects. A neat feature to add would be support for this object so that users could set include directories and other properties to help with team development. 403
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Normal Forms Dealing with Functional Dependencies
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Create a new survey Title: Feedback...
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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Block of Sequence Values
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Table 19-2. The WebService Properties
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Con guring SBS in Hyper-V
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-45
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This code generates the output shown in Figure 8-4.
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Note ThE jQUERy LibRARy WEbsiTE
Use a return when it enhances readability In certain routines, once you know the answer, you want to return it to the calling routine immediately. If the routine is defined in such a way that it doesn t
protected void ButtonShowAverageDurationOfRequests_Click( object sender, EventArgs e) { HttpApplication httpApp = HttpContext.Current.ApplicationInstance; HttpModuleCollection httpModuleColl = httpApp.Modules; IHttpModule httpModule = httpModuleColl.Get("TimingModule"); ITimingModule TimingModule = (ITimingModule)httpModule; TimeSpan timeSpanAverageDurationOfRequest = TimingModule.GetAverageLengthOfRequest(); LabelAverageDurationOfRequests.Text = timeSpanAverageDurationOfRequest.ToString();
During the preconference period, data is collected, evaluated, and created. Collected data includes documents such as calls for papers, abstracts, and outlines for the different presentations. From the collected documents, content must be created and also maintained as the source documents change. Aside from the document management needs, facilities must be provided for attendees to register and manage the schedule of events they plan to attend. At this time it s also crucial to provide information in a timely manner to make the process of registering and getting to the conference easier. Among the experience-enhancing utilities are items that allow you to obtain driving directions or information about special conference rates for travel and hotel accommodations.
Through the Properties dialog box, you can also simplify the process to start SQL*Plus by specifying your username and password (such as book/book) in the Target field. In that case, the standard log on dialog will be skipped. However, this is a security risk, because anyone with access to your keyboard for more than two seconds will find out your database name and password.
LISTING 5-3 Query to nd the longest increasing subsequence length
C. Correct: The most probable fault is that a subnet mask of is con-
245575913 261575970 277576027 293576084 309576141 325576198 341576255 357576312 373576369 389576426 405576483 421576540 437576597 453576654 469576711 485576768 501576825 517576882 533576939 549576996 565577053 581577110 597577167 613577224 629577281 645577338 661577395 677577452 693577509 709577566 725577623 741577680 773577794 ... [Production].[Categories] [Production].[PK_Categories] [Production].[Products] [Production].[PK_Products] [Production].[DFT_Products_unitprice] [Production].[DFT_Products_discontinued] [Production].[FK_Products_Categories] [Production].[FK_Products_Suppliers] [Production].[CHK_Products_unitprice] [Sales].[Customers] [Sales].[PK_Customers] [Sales].[Shippers] [Sales].[PK_Shippers] [Sales].[Orders] [Sales].[PK_Orders] [Sales].[DFT_Orders_freight] [Sales].[FK_Orders_Customers] [Sales].[FK_Orders_Employees] [Sales].[FK_Orders_Shippers] [Sales].[OrderDetails] [Sales].[PK_OrderDetails] [Sales].[DFT_OrderDetails_unitprice] [Sales].[DFT_OrderDetails_qty] [Sales].[DFT_OrderDetails_discount] [Sales].[FK_OrderDetails_Orders] [Sales].[FK_OrderDetails_Products] [Sales].[CHK_discount] [Sales].[CHK_qty] [Sales].[CHK_unitprice] [Sales].[OrderValues] [Sales].[OrderTotalsByYear] [Sales].[CustOrders] [dbo].[GetOrders]
The DataGrid and the GridView controls display the data in a data source using regular rows and columns, and that is that . However, if you want a little more control over the final rendered format, the DataList control displays the records in a data source in a format you determine using template controls .
tween simplicity and security. The simplest solution is to select the Local System account. You never need to worry about the password changing, and this account always has suf cient privileges. Unfortunately, running your SQL Server services under that account is not the best solution from a security standpoint. The Local System account is a powerful account, especially when it s running on your SBS server: If your security in SQL Server is breached, the entire network is compromised. Using a regular user domain account is a possibility for the SQL Server service it does not require any administrative privileges. But the SQL Server Agent process does require administrative privileges if your SQL Server environment uses CmdExec or ActiveScript jobs, or if you use the AutoRestart feature. If this is the case in your SQL Server environment, you should use separate service accounts for the SQL Server service and the SQL Server Agent. Whatever domain accounts you use for SQL Server, you should use strong (long and complex) passwords. Also, when entering the domain name for a domain user account, you must use the NetBIOS name, not the DNS name. (In our environment, this means that the domain must be entered as EXAMPLE or example but not example.local. )
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