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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Using IServiceLocator
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Open Windows Reliability And Performance Monitor. In the navigation pane, expand Data Collector Sets, right-click User De ned, point to New, and click Data Collector Set. Type in a name for your Data Collector Set. Select Create Manually and click Next. Select Create Data Logs. Select the check boxes next to the Data Collector types you want to use and click Next.
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Connecting to and Querying Data with LINQ
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Now that you know how to apply a custom attribute, let s find out what an attribute really is . A custom attribute is simply an instance of a type . For Common Language Specification (CLS) compliance, custom attribute classes must be derived, directly or indirectly, from the public abstract System.Attribute class . C# allows only CLS-compliant attributes . By examining the .NET Framework SDK documentation, you ll see that the following classes (from the earlier example) are defined: StructLayoutAttribute, MarshalAsAttribute, DllImportAttribute, InAttribute, and OutAttribute . All of these classes happen to be defined in the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace, but attribute classes can be defined in any namespace . Upon further examination, you ll notice that all of these classes are derived from System.Attribute, as all CLS-compliant attribute classes must be . Note When applying an attribute to a target in source code, the C# compiler allows you to
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The outer query returns customers from Spain for whom the EXISTS predicate finds at least one order row in the Orders table with the same CustomerID as in the outer customer row.
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improperly . If the field were public, any code could alter the value in the field and potentially wipe out all of the delegates that have registered interest in the event . The second construct the C# compiler generates is a method that allows other objects to register their interest in the event . The C# compiler automatically names this function by prepending add_ to the event s name (NewMail) . The C# compiler automatically generates the code that is inside this method . The code always calls System.Delegate s static Combine method, which adds the instance of a delegate to the list of delegates and returns the new head of the list, which gets saved back in the field . The third construct the C# compiler generates is a method that allows an object to unregister its interest in the event . Again, the C# compiler automatically names this function by prepending remove_ to the event s name (NewMail) . The code inside this method always calls Delegate s static Remove method, which removes the instance of a delegate from the list of delegates and returns the new head of the list, which gets saved back in the field . Warning If you attempt to remove a method that was never added, then Delegate s Remove
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while(reader.Read()); Remember that when the validation type is set to Auto, the DTD option is the first to be considered. When the validation mode is set to DTD, the validating parser returns a warning if the file has no link to any DTDs. Otherwise, if a DTD is correctly linked and accessible, the validation is performed, and in the process, entities are expanded. If the linked DTD file is not available, an exception is raised. What you'll get is not a schema exception but a simpler FileNotFoundException exception. If you mistakenly use a DTD to validate an XML file with schema information, a schema exception is thrown, but with a low severity level. In practice, you get a warning informing you that no DTD has been found in the XML file. Figure 3-4 shows how the sample application handles this situation.
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<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003" ToolsVersion="3.5"> <PropertyGroup> <SourceRoot>TestProjects\</SourceRoot> <OutputRoot>..\BUILD\BuildTemp\</OutputRoot> </PropertyGroup> <ItemGroup> <AllConfigurations Include="Debug configuration"> <Configuration>Debug</Configuration> </AllConfigurations> <AllConfigurations Include="Release configuration"> <Configuration>Release</Configuration> </AllConfigurations> <OutputPath Include="$(OutputRoot)One\"> <Path>$(OutputRoot)One\</Path> </OutputPath>
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Table 4-9. Unmanaged Code Keywords
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(often abbreviated as IFD). In an IFD scenario, customers could browse over the Internet to a custom URL address such as http://crm.yourdomainname.com to access your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Using this access method, users do not need to create a virtual private network (VPN) connection to your network. They could use any type of standard Internet connection to access their data remotely. If you want to set up an IFD deployment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 requires federated services that support claims-based authentication. Most companies will use Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (AD FS 2.0) for their federation services. More Info Microsoft Windows Server introduced a claims-based access platform where it
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Let s say that a thread wants to execute some code when a complex condition is true . One option would be to let the thread spin continuously, repeatedly testing the condition . But this wastes CPU time, and it is also not possible to atomically test multiple variables that are making up the complex condition . Fortunately, there is a pattern that allows threads to efficiently synchronize their operations based on a complex condition . This pattern is called the condition variable pattern, and we use it via the following methods defined inside the Monitor class:
using System; using System.Collections.Generic;
Press the pause button on the camera when you see the frame you want to capture as a still image. If you are using a DV camera connected to an IEEE 1394 port, you can use the Digital video camera controls to locate the frame of the taped video that you want to capture, and then click Pause. If you are capturing live video, focus the camera on the subject you want to capture in a still image. 6. Click Browse to select the location to which you want to save your captured still image. The path and file name for the saved image is displayed in the File name box. The default name for the first image you capture is Picture_0001.jpg and the second image you capture is saved as Picture_0002.jpg, and so forth. However, you can replace the prefix of the file name, Picture, with any name you want to help you find and organize your still images. 7. For each still image you want to capture, click Capture Image. 8. Click Finish to complete the Capture Wizard. The captured still images are imported into the current project and stored in the Images folder. Capturing Images from Your Computer Screen Still images you capture from your computer screen are saved as Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files with a .png file name extension. PNG files are bit-mapped images that are well-suited to display images that have similar blocks of color. This is often the case with different parts of the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as dialog boxes, title bars, menu bars, and so forth. This capture option can be used for software-related presentations ranging from software training to marketing a new software application. The following list provides some brief examples of how you could use still images captured from your computer screen in your presentations. Software training. During software training, the instructor shows different features of a program. The training presentation might even contain tutorials that students can use to learn the program. In your Producer presentation, you could include a screen shot of the correct settings in a dialog box for successful completion of the task, or some other appropriate user interface item. Marketing new software. Screen shots are often used when new software is being sold or marketed. Think about some new software you may have purchased or seen advertised on the Web. Many times the packaging or advertising has some screen shots to show the user interface. You can use Producer to capture these types of still images to show a new product and the basic elements of the user interface.
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