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Interfaces can contain the following member types: method, property, event, and indexer. Aside from support for the member types introduced by C#, the major difference from Java is that constants cannot be declared in interfaces. The alternative provided by C# is to use a peer-level enum; however, this does not keep associated constants together with the interface.
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If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, you can find the completed projects in the samples installed from this book s companion CD. For more information about the project files and other content on the CD, see Using the Companion Media in this book s Introduction.
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In this case, I chose to use the TOP(1) clause to receive only a single message . This is much less efficient than receiving multiple messages with each command, but the contents of a single message can be loaded into SQL variables for use in a stored procedure or script . A RECEIVE statement in a client-side program should retrieve all available messages as a record set . The next section of the RECEIVE statement is the list of columns to be retrieved . It has the same syntax as a column list in a basic SELECT statement . In the example, only three columns
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Table 4-1 is identical to Table 2-1, and it shows high-level descriptions of the main SELECT command clauses. Table 4-1. The Six Main Clauses of the SELECT Command
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This procedure uses the local Group Policy object to enable Security Center for all users on a computer . Note that this policy can be overridden by policies set on the domain controller .
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OutputPath Platform TargetFrameworkVersion
<asp:detailsview> <fields> <asp:boundfield datafield="firstname headertext="First Name /> <asp:boundfield datafield="lastname headertext="Last Name /> <asp:boundfield datafield="title headertext="Position /> </fields> </asp:detailsview>
For solutions to work properly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM must properly track dependencies across components. Every core operation (such as create, update, and delete) on a component automatically calculates its dependencies to other components in the system. The dependency information is used to maintain the integrity of the system and prevent operations that might cause irrecoverable damage. Some key concepts of dependency tracking are the following:
The Prism DelegateCommand class encapsulates two delegates that each reference a method implemented within your view model class. It inherits from the DelegateCommand Base class, which implements the ICommand interface s Execute and CanExecute methods by invoking these delegates. You specify the delegates to your view model methods in the DelegateCommand class constructor, which is defined as follows.
SQL Server 2008 also supports a plan guide feature that allows you to associate an XML plan or other hints to a query when you cannot or do not want to change the query s text directly by adding hints. You use the stored procedure sp_create_plan_guide to produce a plan guide for a query. You can nd more details about this in SQL Server Books Online. I will use hints in several occasions in these books and explain them in context.
FIGURE 7-38 Setting the folder redirection path
This lesson covers both application caching and page output caching.
SET NOCOUNT ON; USE testdb; WHILE 1 = 1 UPDATE dbo.T1 SET col1 = 203 - col1 WHERE keycol = 2;
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