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Each reviewer works alone for about 90 minutes to become familiar with the design or code. The reviewers use the checklist to stimulate and direct their examination of the review materials. For a review of application code written in a high-level language, reviewers can prepare at about 500 lines of code per hour. For a review of system code written in a high-level language, reviewers can prepare at only about 125 lines of code per hour (Humphrey 1989). The most effective rate of review varies a great deal, so keep records of preparation rates in your organization to determine the rate that s most effective in your environment.
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private double _high; public double high { get { return _high; } set { _high = value; OnPropertyChanged("high"); } } private double _low; public double low { get { return _low; } set { _low = value; OnPropertyChanged("low"); } } private double _volume; public double volume { get { return _volume; } set { _volume = value; OnPropertyChanged("volume"); } } private double _adjClose; public double adjClose { get { return _adjClose; } set { _adjClose = value; OnPropertyChanged("adjClose"); } } } }
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File Services For Macintosh Enables Macintosh users to both store files and gain access to files on a server running Microsoft Windows. Print Services For Macintosh Enables Macintosh users to send jobs to a print spooler on a server running Microsoft Windows. Print Services For UNIX Enables UNIX clients to print to any printer available to the local computer.
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This chapter discusses how to build connected applications using Microsoft Silverlight. Silverlight offers a number of data connectivity application programming interfaces (APIs), and you get a good look at how to use them to connect to a hosted service and retrieve its data. You start with the simplest means of connection in Silverlight, the WebClient class, and then delve into how to override the simple functionality using the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebRespose classes. In addition, you examine connecting to existing Web and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services using proxies generated by Microsoft Visual Studio. Finally, in addition to these technologies you look into what it takes to allow for crossdomain access in your Silverlight application using the cross-domain policy files. To be able to connect to a service, you need a service to connect to, so each technology discussion also involves looking at building a live service that handles your requests and dispatches data back to you.
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internal sealed class PipeClient { // Each client object performs asynchronous operations on this pipe private readonly NamedPipeClientStream m_pipe; public PipeClient(String serverName, String message) { m_pipe = new NamedPipeClientStream(serverName, "Echo", PipeDirection.InOut, PipeOptions.Asynchronous | PipeOptions.WriteThrough); m_pipe.Connect(); // Must Connect before setting ReadMode m_pipe.ReadMode = PipeTransmissionMode.Message; // Asynchronously send data to the server Byte[] output = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(message); m_pipe.BeginWrite(output, 0, output.Length, WriteDone, null); } private void WriteDone(IAsyncResult result) { // The data was sent to the server m_pipe.EndWrite(result);
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Qt uses the QAbstractItemModel to encapsulate the full flexibility of a tree of tables; normally, a QAbstractListModel or QAbstractTableModel suffices, hiding the complexity of the tree unless you really need it. In most cases, you don t even need to create your own model; instead you can use a QStringListModel for a one-dimensional list of QStrings, or a QStandardItemModel for one- or two-dimensional array, as well as data structured in a hierarchy. The two-dimensional nature of the QTableModel is strongly reminiscent of a SQL database s tables, and it almost immediately comes to mind when you have data organized in rows with different facets of the data in each column. It shouldn t, however in a Qt table model, each cell in the table is independent of every other cell. Think of a Qt table like a financial spreadsheet (not a well-formatted list!). Instead, if you have a list of items with different data per item say, a list of location names with latitudes and longitudes each location is a single item in a list. To provide access to different facets of a single item, Qt provides roles. A role is a constant in an enumeration, and models return different data depending on the role you pass when you interrogate the model. Qt defines several roles by default defined by the Qt::ItemDataRole enumeration, including: Qt::DisplayRole, indicating the primary visible facet of a datum. Qt::DecorationRole, indicating a decoration (such as an icon) for a datum. Qt::EditRole, indicating the primary editable facet of a datum. Qt::SizeHintRole, indicating the desired size of the item for display layout purposes (this is the size the layout will try to accommodate, rather than the actual object s size). Qt::CheckStateRole, indicating whether the item is marked in some way (say, a list item bearing a check mark). So, for example, the QListView uses the Qt::DisplayRole to indicate to the model what data is requested for display for each item. You can define your own roles, too, if you need to represent different kinds of data and find the Qt roles limiting in the kind of data being represented; just be sure that your first role has a value greater than Qt::UserRole. When you set or get data from a model, you do so using a QModelIndex that indicates which datum you re interacting with as well as Qt s QVariant class. The QVariant class is a type-safe wrapper for most C++ and all Qt value types, including integers, floatingpoint numbers, and strings. You access the model s data through the data and setData methods; they use QVariant for encapsulating the actual values. NOTE: There s even a way to add your own data types to those QVariant supports; see the documentation for QVariant at
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Jeff s Opinion About Microsoft s Operator Method Name Rules
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Examine Settings for a Web Application
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Parent relationship to Contact Child relationship to Account
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Write Interactive Client Code with jQuery
The Numbering Library gives you a choice of various numbering styles and also provides the means for creating a new number format, changing list levels, and setting numbering values.
While it is possible to configure demand-dial interfaces with the names of the answering routers to which a connection is made, you should use IP addresses rather than names. Using the IP address instead of a name removes some of the complexities of the setup and testing. Name resolution, for example, is taken out of the equation, thus simplifying the design.
The DUAL Table
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