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Thread.SpinWait Thread.Sleep(0)
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Part II:
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P4 =rB1.IndicatorInChart&" / "&INDEX(rL1.PeriodList,rL1.PeriodSel,1)
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The idea behind the first line of code is to register the address of the button1_Click method with a button control so that when the button is clicked, the method will be called . To most programmers, it feels quite unnatural to construct an EventHandler delegate object just to specify the address of the button1_Click method . However, constructing the EventHandler delegate object is required for the CLR because this object provides a wrapper that ensures that the method can be called only in a type-safe fashion . The wrapper also allows the calling of instance methods and chaining . Unfortunately, most programmers don t want to think about these details . Programmers would prefer to write the code above as follows:
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Up to 11 Mbps
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full/path/here/filename.txt The File.join method is simple to use, and it allows you to write the same code to run on both systems rather than choosing between backslashes and forward slashes in your code. The separator itself is stored in a constant called File::SEPARATOR, so you can easily turn a filename into an absolute filename (with an absolute path) by appending the directory separator to the start, like so: File.join(File::SEPARATOR , 'full', 'path', 'here', 'filename.txt')
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2. In the properties dialog box, click the tab for the profile on which you want to collect firewall logs. Under Logging click Customize. The Customize Log Settings dialog box appears.
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about its behavior, and you can increase the verbosity of the loggers. If you set the verbosity to be diagnostic, then all properties and items are dumped by the logger. With that being said, let s discuss the other methods. We will now discuss the second option, the Debugger.Launch() method. When you are trying to debug an MSBuild task, one technique that I have seen employed is to add the statement System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch(). Typically you will place this statement inside the Execute method. When this statement is encountered, you will be prompted about attaching a debugger to the process. After this you can start executing the build script that you would like to debug that invokes the task you are trying to debug. You should be prompted with a dialog similar to the one shown in the Figure 4-10.
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SELECT mgrid, empid, qty, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY mgrid ORDER BY qty, empid) AS rownum FROM dbo.Sales ORDER BY mgrid, qty, empid;
Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional
Solid State Disks (SSD) Initially used primarily for notebook computers, these are
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Using the Serices Console
View-Switching Navigation QuickStart. This QuickStart demonstrates how to
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Return the subtree of a given root, generating the output shown in Table 9-45: SELECT C.empid, REPLICATE(' | ', C.lvl - P.lvl) + C.empname AS empname FROM dbo.EmployeesNS AS P JOIN dbo.EmployeesNS AS C ON P.empid = 3 AND C.lft >= P.lft AND C.rgt <= P.rgt ORDER BY C.lft;
ASSERT ( TRUE == bRetVal ) ; if ( TRUE == bRetVal ) { COPYKEYCONTEXTREGISTERS ( stFinalCtx , stInitialCtx ) ; // instruction // that got us into this function. All the rest of the // registers are set up before the call so I'll ensure the // instruction pointer is set that way too. UINT_PTR dwRetAddr = (UINT_PTR)_ReturnAddress ( ) ; bRetVal dwRetAddr ); = CalculateBeginningOfCallInstruction ( Get the return address and hunt down the call
This method first uses Unity to instantiate the UpdatingSurvey ResultsSummaryCommand object that defines the job and the AzureQueue object that holds notifications of new survey responses. The method then passes these objects as parameters to the For and Do plumbing methods. The Every plumbing method specifies how frequently the job should run. These methods cause the plumbing code to invoke the PreRun, Run, and PostRun method in the UpdatingSurveyResultsSummaryCommand class, passing a message from the queue to the Run method. The preceding code example also shows how the worker role initializes the task defined in the TransferSurveysToSqlAzure Command class that dumps survey data to SQL Azure. This task is slightly simpler and only has a Run method. You should tune the frequency at which these tasks run based on your expected workloads by changing the value passed to the Every method. Finally, the method uses a while loop to keep the worker role instance alive. Note: The For, Every, and Do methods implement a fluent API for instantiating tasks in the worker role. Fluent APIs help to make the code more legible. The Worker Role Plumbing Code The plumbing code in the worker role enables you to invoke commands of type IBatchCommand or ICommand by using the Do method, on a Windows Azure queue of type IAzureQueue by using the For method, at a specified interval. Figure 5 shows the key types that make up the plumbing code.
A series name can be included in a cell and therefore be the result of a formula . If the result of the formula is a number, it can be converted into text (for example, using the TEXT function) . The series name taken from the cell can then be part of any data label and, if available, any legend .
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