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The Net Localgroup command lets you view, add, modify, or delete local security groups. Viewing Group Information
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However, some DHCP data is not saved in any type of backup. For example, creden tials specified for DNS dynamic update are not backed up with a manual or automatic backup. (You can configure these credentials through the Advanced tab of DHCP server properties.)
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5 . . Add a class named QuotesManager to the project . The class manages caching . The caching example from which this code is borrowed stores and retrieves the QuotesCollection during the Page_Load event . Because the QuotesCollection will be used within a Web service, the caching has to happen elsewhere . To do this, add a public static method named GetQuotesFromCache to retrieve the QuotesCollection from the cache:
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FIGURE 9-8 Execution plan for the query in Listing 9-9
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TRUE) . Each time this formula is calculated, Excel investigates whether this claim is TRUE . If it is, the conditional formatting generated in step 3 is assigned .
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In the previous code example, the compiler needs to ensure that every type referenced exists and that my code is using that type in the correct way: calling methods that exist, passing the right number of arguments to these methods, ensuring that the arguments are the right type, using the method s return value correctly, and so on . If the compiler can t find a type with the specified name in the source files or in any referenced assemblies, it prepends System.IO. to the type name and checks if the generated name matches an existing type . If the compiler still can t find a match, it prepends System.Text. to the type s name . The two using directives shown earlier allow me to simply type FileStream and StringBuilder in my code the compiler automatically expands the references to System.IO.FileStream and System.Text.StringBuilder . I m sure you can easily imagine how much typing this saves, as well as how much cleaner your code is to read . When checking for a type s definition, the compiler must be told which assemblies to examine by using the /reference compiler switch as discussed in 2, Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types, and 3, Shared Assemblies
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Every control you create to work with the Microsoft AJAX Library will derive from one of these objects as its base. The sections that follow provide additional details on the three types of client objects you can create with the Microsoft AJAX Library.
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The RODC actually holds all the Active Directory objects and attributes that a writable DC holds, but you cannot make changes to its database you have to make them on a writable DC and then replicate them back to the RODC. A local application that requests read access to the directory will get access. An application that requests write access will receive an LDAP referral response. This means that the response directs the application to a writable DC where it can get access.
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Several factors should influence your decisions . Compare the list of points below with Figure 6-13, which I have provided as an example . Do not forget that this is just one of many equally acceptable variants .
1 The CLR s Execution Model
Virtual private network (VPN) connections are made across public networks such as the Internet. This is a simple statement, but it packs a lot of issues behind it. When going across a public network, there are several items that have to be dealt with to make sure that the security of your network is not compromised. For instance: How do I ensure that the person establishing a connection with my gateway is authorized to do so How do make sure that there is no way for a hacker to capture the conversation and use it to gain information like user credentials and confidential information How do I maintain control over what a VPN user accesses in the network once they have established communications How do I know if their VPN client machine is not going to infect the network with a virus Obviously, there are a lot of concerns if we are going to make a remote system part of the network. Therefore, attention must be paid to ensure that the VPN servers and the private data that is sent across a VPN connection are protected from malicious users. Security for Windows VPN connections is a combination of basic elements that are required (authentication, authorization, encryption, and packet filtering) and advanced features that provide additional protection (such as certificatebased authentication, network access quarantine control, and remote access account lockout).
SELECT custid, CAST(SUBSTRING(MAX(binval), 5, 4) AS INT) AS empid, CAST(SUBSTRING(MAX(binval), 1, 4) AS INT) AS cnt FROM (SELECT custid, CAST(COUNT(*) AS BINARY(4)) + CAST(empid AS BINARY(4)) AS binval FROM Sales.Orders GROUP BY custid, empid) AS D GROUP BY custid;
At the lowest security level, on the Your Details screen the user can only modify the name to be used on the site, the e-mail address, the username, the password, and the editor (e.g., TinyMCE) that will be used when content editing is granted.
Write comments at the level of the code s intent Describe the purpose of the block of code that follows the comment. Here s an example of a comment that s ineffective because it doesn t operate at the level of intent:
Don t use names that are totally unrelated to what the variables represent Sprinkling names such as margaret and pookie throughout your program virtually guarantees that no one else will be able to understand it. Avoid your boyfriend s name, wife s name, favorite beer s name, or other clever (aka silly) names for variables, unless the program is really about your boyfriend, wife, or favorite beer. Even then, you would be wise to recognize that each of these might change, and that therefore the generic names boyFriend, wife, and favoriteBeer are superior! Avoid names containing hard-to-read characters Be aware that some characters look so similar that it s hard to tell them apart. If the only difference between two names is one of these characters, you might have a hard time telling the names apart. For example, try to circle the name that doesn t belong in each of the following sets:
DatabaseName AutoCleanup RetentionPeriod -------------- ----------- --------------InsideTSQL2008 1 2 DAYS
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