c# qr code generator Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library in .net C#

Integrate QRCode in .net C# Lesson 2: Creating Client Scripts with the Microsoft AJAX Library

12 Solutions: Client Extensions
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4. Specify a file name for the log if you don t want to use the default (%SystemRoot%\System32\LogFiles\Firewall\Pfirewall.log). 5. To keep a log from getting too large, specify a maximum file size. To read your log, open it in Notepad or another text editor. Figure 31-9 on the next page shows a sample of a Windows Firewall log. The log uses the W3C Extended Log format, a standard logging format that allows you to analyze data using third-party utilities. To understand what the columns mean, look at the column headers in line 4. (They don t align over the data below, but they re in the correct order.) Table 31-1 on the next page provides a description of each of column.
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Java Example of Overflow of Intermediate Results
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In Windows Server 2008, the distinction between volumes and partitions is somewhat murky. When using Disk Management, a regular partition on a basic disk is called a simple volume, even though technically a simple volume requires that the disk be a dynamic disk. As long as you use only simple volumes or partitions, you can easily convert between a basic disk (and partition) and a dynamic disk (and a volume). Once you use a feature that is only supported on dynamic disks, however, changing back to a basic disk will mean data loss.
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Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM solves many of the common CRM customization issues related to tracking new categories of data by allowing you to create custom entities. Even more beneficial, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to create custom entities and manage data relationships using the web-based administration interface so that no custom programming is required. You have almost unlimited options for how you can set up and structure your custom entities. For example, an apartment management company might use custom entities to track its various property locations, leases, and rental applications. A professional services firm can create custom entities to track its customer projects. A magazine publisher might use custom entities to capture data about its magazines and customer subscriptions. As you can see, how you use custom entities depends on the nature of your business and the types of data that you want to capture in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When you create a custom entity to store a new category of data, Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically adds the entity to the metadata and its underlying system data. This means that custom entities behave as first-class system entities, sharing almost all of the functionality of the default system entities. Some common benefits of custom entities and the default entities include the following:
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This generates the following output, shown here in abbreviated form with line wrapping:
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IPSec TM using IPSRA definitions for remote access
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Turn tracing on for the site by setting the enabled attribute of the trace element to true inside the Web.config file. In addition, set the localOnly attribute to true to enable tracing only for local users. Note that you cannot set tracing on at the page level in this scenario. Doing so will override any settings in the Web.config file and output trace information on the page for any users who display the page.
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Table A-1. Drive- and Directory-Related Members of the Environment Class
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Notice that the permission type used to set full public access is BlobContainerPublicAccessType.Container. Configuring the CDN and Storing the Content You configure the CDN at the level of a Windows Azure storage account through the Windows Azure Developer Portal. After you enable CDN delivery for a storage account, any data in public BLOB containers is available for delivery by the CDN. The application must place all the content to be hosted on the CDN into BLOBs in the appropriate containers. In the Surveys application, media files, custom images, and style sheets can all be stored in these BLOBs. For example, if a training video is packaged with a player application in the form of some HTML files and scripts, all of these related files can be stored as BLOBs in the same container. Note: You must be careful if scripts or HTML files contain relative paths to other files in the same BLOB container because the path names will be case sensitive. This is because there is no real folder structure within a BLOB container, and any folder names are just a part of the file name in a single, flat namespace. Configuring URLs to Access the Content Windows Azure allocates URLs to access BLOB data based on the account name and the container name. For example, if Tailspin created a public container named video for hosting their training videos, you could access the Getting Started with the Surveys Application video directly in Windows Azure BLOB storage at http://tailspin.blob.core. windows.net/video/gettingstarted.html. This assumes that the gettingstarted.html page is a player for the media content. The CDN provides access to hosted content using a URL in the form http://<uid>. vo.msecnd.net/, so the Surveys training video would be available on the CDN at http://<uid>.vo.msecnd.net/video/gettingstarted.html. Figure 7 illustrates this relationship between the CDN and BLOB storage.
B. Configure a DHCP reservation for his PC.
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If you decide to take a chance on an unsigned driver, your best strategy is to back up your data first, install the new driver, and then thoroughly test it right away, without introducing any additional software or drivers. (Windows automatically sets a System Restore point when you install an unsigned driver.) Run every application that s installed on your computer. Try to run a few CPU-intensive and disk-intensive tasks at the same time. Open and save files, especially big, complex ones. Try running disk utilities such as Chkdsk and Defrag. If the new driver is going to cause problems with the hardware and software you currently use, you want to find out immediately after installing it so you can roll back to your previous configuration with as little hassle as possible.
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