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In Expression Blend, you place dividers to create columns and rows in the grid. When a Grid control is defined, Expression Blend will show blue rulers above and to the left of the grid. When you move your cursor over the blue rulers, a row divider will appear. Clicking the blue ruler will place the divider, and dragging a placed divider will move it. You will have a chance to try this out in a moment. In the top-left corner of the window is an icon that determines the grid s edit mode. There are two layout editing modes for a grid within Expression Blend: Canvas layout mode: In canvas layout mode, when column and row dividers are moved, elements inside those rows and columns stay in place. Grid layout mode: In grid layout mode, the elements move with the column and row dividers.
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When I run this program, I get the following output:
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n See the following Further Information subsection for a link to a CSS selector tutorial. Tip
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The process of creating the category table is pretty much the same as for the department table you created in 2. The category table will have four fields, described in Table 4-1. Table 4-1. Designing the category Table
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How Weakly and Strongly Named Assemblies Can Be Deployed
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For example, suppose user Alice accesses a network resource. The network resource is on the server LOKE, which, unknown to Alice, was hacked by Bob earlier that same day. Bob has installed a rootkit on the server that causes authentication to be downgraded to an insecure form of authentication. Alice s computer is running Windows XP, which by default is configured to negotiate authentication to whatever the server and client can agree upon. In doing so, Alice sends a challenge-response sequence that the attacker can replay against Alice s computer, thereby gaining access to her computer with the same privileges she has. To understand this flow, look at Figure 13-3, which shows a normal authentication flow from a client to a server.
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The code for the clock application uses the root and use_xaml helper functions, so take a look at it:
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Description Creates a channel using default values. Locates an available port and binds to it. Creates only a client-side channel (that is, this channel cannot be used to publish remoting services). Creates a channel that binds to the specified port number.Creates a channel that can be used to initiate client requests and publish object services. Using 0 (zero) as a port number allows the channel to select an unused port at random and bind to it. Creates a channel that is configured by the entries in IDictionary and that uses the specified sinks for processing outbound and inbound messages. If either of the sink provider arguments is set to null, the default providers will be used instead.
16. Controlling Loops
using System; using System.Collections.Generic; // A partially specified open type internal sealed class DictionaryStringKey<TValue> : Dictionary<String, TValue> { } public static class Program { public static void Main() { Object o = null; // Dictionary<,> is an open type having 2 type parameters Type t = typeof(Dictionary<,>);
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Text The content of the text node
Handling Events and Managing State
What s New in Data Access
Elapsed time: 2128 ms Estimated subtree cost: 4.68047 The number of logical reads that you see is similar to the number of pages that the leaf level of the index holds.
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