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Visual Studio includes tools to test individual web pages. Additionally, you can configure Visual Studio to automatically test an entire web application for Section 508 compliance during the build process. Accessible applications can be used with alternative input and display devices. No, accessible applications do not require users with traditional input and display devices to make any sacrifices. Most accessibility features take the form of hidden textual descriptions and access keys, which users who do not need them will probably not notice. You need to provide textual descriptions for all visual elements, such as forms, tables, and images. Additionally, you should make the web application usable without a mouse.
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Closing the Curtain on Act I
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This chapter covered various solutions to data-aggregation problems that reused key querying techniques I introduced earlier in the book. It also introduced new techniques, such as dealing with tiebreakers by using concatenation, calculating a minimum using the MAX function, pivoting, unpivoting, calculating custom aggregates by using specialized techniques, and others. As you probably noticed, data-aggregation techniques involve a lot of logical manipulation. If you're looking for ways to improve your logic, you can practice pure logical puzzles, as they have a lot in common with querying problems in terms of the thought processes involved. You can find pure logic puzzles in Appendix A.
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or the object will have its Finalize method called multiple times . The reason is that each call to ReRegisterForFinalize appends a new entry to the end of the finalization list . When an object is determined to be garbage, all of these entries move from the finalization list to the freachable queue, making the object s Finalize method called multiple times .
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You can contact the authors through their web sites, as follows: Cristian Darie, Emilian Balanescu, Mihai Valentin Bucica,
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-40
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the rule.
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Part III
} } int StrLEN ( char * szSrc ) { int iReturn ; __asm { XOR EAX , EAX MOV EDI , szSrc EDI. MOV ECX , 0FFFFFFFFh to // check. REPNE SCAS BYTE PTR [EDI] // Compare until ECX=0 or found. CMP ECX , 0 JE StrLEN_NoNull // If ECX is 0, a // NULL wasn't found in the string. // ECX was counted down, so convert // to a positive number. DEC ECX MOV EAX , ECX JMP StrLen_Done StrLEN_NoNull: MOV EAX , 0FFFFFFFFh return -1. StrLEN_Done: } __asm MOV iReturn , EAX ; return ( iReturn ) ; } void MemSET ( char * szDest , int iVal , int iLen ) { __asm { 300 // Because NULL wasn't found, // Account for hitting the NULL. // Return the count. // Return. // The maximum number of characters // Zero out EAX. // Move the string to check into
Figure 8-3. The grid layout of the file explorer application
13 rows selected. REGISTRATIONS ATTENDEE COURSE BEGINDATE EVALUATION -------- ------ ---------- ---------7499 SQL 12-04-1999 4 JAV 13-12-1999 2 XML 03-02-2000 5 PLS 11-09-2000 7521 OAU 10-08-1999 4 7566 JAV 01-02-2000 3 PLS 11-09-2000 7698 SQL 12-04-1999 4 SQL 13-12-1999 JAV 01-02-2000 5 7782 JAV 13-12-1999 5 7788 SQL 04-10-1999 JAV 13-12-1999 5 JAV 01-02-2000 4 7839 SQL 04-10-1999 3 JAV 13-12-1999 4 7844 OAU 27-09-2000 5 7876 SQL 12-04-1999 2 JAV 13-12-1999 5 PLS 11-09-2000 7900 OAU 10-08-1999 4 XML 03-02-2000 4 7902 OAU 10-08-1999 5 SQL 04-10-1999 4
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