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Group Policy Objects
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Add a Panel control to your ASPX page where you would like the controls to appear. You can also use a PlaceHolder control. In the Page.PreInit or Page.Init event handler, create an instance of the control. Set the control s properties. If you need to access the controls from another method, be sure to set the ID property. Add event handlers for the control, if necessary. Add the control to the Panel.Controls collection.
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E xErcIsE Enabling Page Output Caching
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6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM prompts you to save a compressed .zip file. Click Save, choose a location on your computer s hard drive, and click Save again. Note Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically names the .zip file using the convention
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Run the following code to create the trigger trg_T1_iud:
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Import the File and Map the Records
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FigURE 9-10 The Employee Lookup page running jQuery and AJAX in a browser.
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5 Primitive, Reference, and Value Types
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2 Working with Master Pages
It s expected that as the system is designed and developed, your understanding about the dynamics governing its behavior will coalesce. New relationships and interfaces will be discovered, and previously unidentified usage scenarios will appear. Preparing for such discoveries by infusing flexibility in your designs is key for any system that will evolve in a controlled fashion. Some expected open issues are as follows: Unidentified stakeholders With multiple channels being serviced by the application, the need to find a way to produce channel-specific content The need to create several system-level components for authentication, registration, and the handling of payments The large number of implementation choices available Unidentified alternate usage scenarios Unidentified requirements
<asp:TextBox Runat="server ID="TheNotes Text= <%# Bind( notes ) %> />
dates and times of the file creation might help), so you need to follow the path into the directories until you unearth some .dll files . Depending on how many times you ve run the application, you might see several files . Open the files one at a time until ILDASM displays something similar to what s shown in Figure 2-4 .
<input type="image" name="ImageButton1" id="ImageButton1" src="Images/goldengatebridge.jpg" style="border-width:0px;" />
Managing Network Security
trive to minimize the dependencies between master and content pages. The fewer references you create between master and content pages, the fewer problems
used by the formatters . However, other code could call GetObjectData, which might then return potentially sensitive information, or other code could construct an object that passes in corrupt data . For this reason, it is recommended that you apply the following attribute to the GetObjectData method and the special constructor:
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