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Lesson Review
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sage much like the eye of a needle that stands between the information you present sensory memory and the information that is integrated into long-term memory.
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System Protection is a service that takes periodic snapshots of your system state, including information about user accounts, hardware and software settings, and files required for startup. At regular intervals (once per day, by default), and whenever particular kinds of changes to your system occur (such as the installation or removal of applications or drivers), System Protection creates a restore point. If your system becomes unstable, you can sometimes return it to stability by using System Restore to return to one of these restore points.
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Compute-Bound Asynchronous Operations
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Using Group Policy Preferences for Control Panel
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and require users to click their specific countries. This redirects the users to the websites for their respective countries. What control will you use
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To create an Ant builder, select Project Properties from the Eclipse menu (alternatively you can right-click and select Properties or press Alt+Enter on the project s top node in the Navigator or Package Explorer). Next, select the Builders node as shown in Figure 3-9.
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Connecting Clients to Remote DHCP Servers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-26
Microsoft Office System Behind-the-Scenes Interview
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The SearchEngine class can internally use any search technology you like, as long as it returns an XML string. It goes without saying that the XML schema is totally arbitrary. In the next example, the XML string is transformed in a DataSet object and used to populate a Repeater control. The Web Parts component is wrapped into a user control. The body of the user control looks like the following:
In addition to binding to data, elements can be bound directly to other elements, which can significantly improve the readability and efficiency of your code. The syntax for binding to an element is very similar to binding to a data item, the only difference is that in the binding an ElementName is specified, which is very much like setting the ItemsSource to the Element. As an example, if you wanted to bind the IsEnabled property of a control to a checkbox s IsChecked property. Assuming the checkbox is named EnableButton, the binding syntax would be the following. IsEnabled="{Binding IsChecked, Mode=OneWay, ElementName=EnableButton}" Notice that the binding is the same as it would be when binding to a data source, except that we have added the ElementName=EnableButton. Let s try this out in an exercise.
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