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HowManyPages As you know, our product catalog will display a fixed number of products in every page. When a catalog page contains more than an established number of products, we display navigation controls that allow the visitor to browse back and forth through the subpages of products. You can see the navigation controls in Figure 3-2 in 3 or later in this chapter in Figure 4-11.
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respond, You know, something you don t expect to happen. Then they add, If you re reading bytes from a file, eventually you ll reach the end of the file. So because you expect this, an exception shouldn t be raised when you reach the end of the file. Instead, the Read method should return some special value when the end of the file is reached." Here s my response: I have an application that needs to read a 20 byte data structure from a file. However, for some reason, the file contains only 10 bytes. In this case, I m not expecting to reach the end of the file while reading. But because I ll reach the end of the file prematurely, I d expect an exception to be thrown. Wouldn t you In fact, most files contain structured data. It s rare that applications read bytes from a file and process them one at a time until the end of the file is reached. For this reason, I think it makes more sense to have the Read method always throw an exception when attempting to read past the end of a file. Important Many developers are misguided by the term exception handling. These developers believe that the word exception is related to how frequently something happens. For example, a developer designing a file Read method is likely to say the following: "When reading from a file, you will eventually reach the end of its data. Since reaching the end will always happen, I ll design my Read method so that it reports the end by returning a special value; I won t have it throw an exception." The problem with this statement is that it is being made by the developer designing the Read method, not by the developer calling the Read method. When designing the Read method, it is impossible for the developer to know all the possible situations in which the method gets called. Therefore, the developer can t possibly know how often the caller of the Read method will attempt to read past the end of the file. In fact, since most files contain structured data, attempting to read past the end of a file is something that rarely happens. Another common misconception is that an exception identifies an error . The term error implies that the programmer did something wrong. However, again, it isn t possible for the developer designing the Read method to know when the caller has called the method incorrectly for the application. Only the developer calling the method can determine this, and therefore only the caller can decide if the results of the call indicate an "error." So you should avoid thinking, "I ll throw an exception here in my code to report an error." In fact, because exceptions don t necessarily indicate errors, I ve avoided using the term error handling throughout this entire chapter (except for this sentence, of course). The preceding note explained what exception does not mean. Now I ll describe what it does mean. An exception is the violation of a programmatic interface s implicit assumptions. For example, when designing a type, you first imagine the various situations for how the type will be used. Then you define the fields, properties, methods, events, and so on for the type. The way you define these members (property data types, method parameters, return values, and so forth) becomes the programmatic interface to your type. The interface you define carries with it some implicit assumptions. An exception occurs when an assumption made by your programming interface is violated. Look at the following class definition:
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Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types
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Figure 5-9 shows the impact of the transform using this matrix, which renders a combined stretched and skewed rectangle.
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3: Engineering Life Cycles
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In this practice, you work with Visual Studio to create a website to work with an EntityDataSource control that exposes data from the Northwind database.
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strong password A password that provides an effective defense against unautho rized access to a resource. A strong password is at least seven characters long, does not contain all or part of the user s account name, and contains at least three of the four following categories of characters: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, base 10 digits, and symbols found on the keyboard (such as !, @, #). stub zone A copy of a zone that contains only the resource records required to iden tify the authoritative DNS servers for that zone. A DNS server that hosts a parent zone and a stub zone for one of the parent zone s delegated child zones can receive updates from the authoritative DNS servers for the child zone. subdomain A DNS domain located directly beneath another domain name (the par ent domain) in the namespace tree. For example, example.microsoft.com would be a subdomain of the domain microsoft.com. Also called child domain. subnet A subdivision of an IP network. Each subnet has its own unique subnetted network ID. superscope An administrative grouping feature that supports a DHCP server s ability to use more than one scope for each physical interface and subnet. Superscopes are useful under the following conditions: if more DHCP clients must be added to a network than were originally planned, if an IP network is renumbered, or if two or more DHCP servers are configured to provide scope redundancy and fault-tol erant design DHCP service for a single subnet. Each superscope can contain one or more member scopes (also known as child scopes). switching hub A central network device (multiport hub) that forwards packets to specific ports rather than, as in conventional hubs, broadcasting every packet to every port. In this way, the connections between ports deliver the full bandwidth available. Also known as a switch or a layer 2 switch. symmetric encryption An encryption algorithm that requires the same secret key to be used for both encryption and decryption. Because of its speed, symmetric encryption is typically used when a message sender needs to encrypt large amounts of data. Also called secret key encryption. systemroot The path and folder name where the Windows system files are located. Typically, this is C:\Windows, although you can designate a different drive or folder when you install Windows. You can use the value %systemroot% to replace the actual location of the folder that contains the Windows system files.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code <DataContract()> _ Public Class Shipper <DataMember()> _ Public Property ShipperId() As Integer <DataMember()> _ Public Property CompanyName As String <DataMember()> _ Public Property Phone As String End Class
This process is repeated each time the user clicks a button or link. This lesson provides an overview of the responsibilities and boundaries of a web browser and a web server. You will also learn the basics of HTTP and how browsers and servers use it to process user requests.
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15. Examine the IP Security Monitor snap-in for Computer2 and select the Active Policy node. What is the active policy and when was it last changed
Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk The two principal types of hard-disk organization in Windows are called basic and dynamic.
With scaffolding, you get a basic but complete data-driven web application with just a few lines at the command prompt. However, next you need to look at what the scaffolding generator actually generated, and learn how to customize the models, controllers, and views to create the specific application that you want. This experience will be particularly valuable if you choose to pursue Rails development further.
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