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1. Introduction to Microsoft .NET
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5. Data Types
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Preparing for Team Build
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Recovering Your Server
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Page 11
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Reasons to use Threads
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Many of the CLR s thread synchronization constructs are really just object-oriented class wrappers around Win32 thread synchronization constructs . After all, CLR threads are Windows threads, which means that Windows schedules and controls the synchronization of threads . Windows thread synchronization constructs have been around since 1992, and a ton of material has been written about them .4 Therefore, I give them only cursory treatment in this chapter .
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A variable is something that may have a varying value over time, or even an unknown value. A variable always has a name, so you can refer to it. SQL supports two types of variables: Column name variables: The name of a column stays the same, but its value typically varies from row to row while scanning a table. System variables: These have nothing to do with tables; nevertheless, they can play an important role in SQL. They are commonly referred to as pseudo columns. See Table 2-4 for some examples of Oracle system variables.
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As the rst example, the following query calculates an aggregate string concatenation over the column string for each group with a pivoting technique:
The SQL*Plus COMPUTE Command ...................................................................................................... 315 The Finishing Touch: SPOOL................................................................................................................. 317
OrderID 11077 11076 11075 CustomerID RATTC BONAP RICSU OrderDate 1998-05-06 00:00:00.000 1998-05-06 00:00:00.000 1998-05-06 00:00:00.000
That is, if there is no implementing partial method declaration, the compiler will not emit any metadata representing the partial method . In addition, the compiler will not emit any IL instructions to call the partial method . And the compiler will not emit code that evaluates any arguments that would have been passed to the partial method . In this example, the compiler will not emit code to call the ToUpper method . The result is that there is less metadata/IL, and the runtime performance is awesome! Note Partial methods work similarly to the System.Diagnostics.ConditionalAttribute
By default, when a Windows-based VPN client makes a VPN connection, it auto matically adds a new default route for the VPN connection and modifies the exist ing default route to have a higher metric, thus making the new default route the prevalent and preferred one. Adding the new default route means that all Internet locations (except the IP address of the tunnel server and locations based on other routes) become unreachable for the duration of the VPN connection. To prevent the default route from being created, go to the Properties sheet for the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) component of the VPN connection. Click Advanced. In the Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog box, click the General tab, and then clear the Use Default Gateway On Remote Network check box. When the Use Default Gateway On Remote Network check box is cleared, a default route is not created; however, a route corresponding to the Internet address class of the assigned IP address is created. For example, if the address assigned during the connection process is, the Windows 2000 or Windows XP VPN client creates a route for the class-based network ID with the subnet mask Based on the Use Default Gateway On Remote Network setting, one of the follow ing occurs when the VPN connection is active:
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Note: Although the Prism Library can be easily used to build new composite WPF or Silverlight applications (or applications that target both), you can also use Prism with existing applications so that they can take advantage of one or more Prism capabilities or design patterns. Typically, a Prism application consists of a shell project and multiple module projects. The following illustration shows common activities that you will need to complete when you use the Prism Library to develop a composite application.
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