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Figure 5-7. Element Binding Example with Toggle Button Disabled
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MS-CHAP version 2 (MS-CHAP v2). MS-CHAP v2 is an updated
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Setting the Cookie s Domain
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Ownership and How It Works Factors That Are Considered in Determining Effective Permissions
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Read and Append privileges on the Activity entity Append To privileges for the entity to which the user is sending direct email (such as Contact or Account) Read privileges on the E-mail Template entity
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System.String ToString(System.IFormatProvider) System.TypeCode GetTypeCode() System.Object Clone() Int32 CompareTo(System.Object) Int32 GetHashCode() Boolean Equals(System.Object) System.String ToString()
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omputer CPUs are designed so that the address (location) of any particular piece of data in virtual memory is tracked by a single integer register. Thus the
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Keep in mind that data type names are case insensitive, so you might see them capitalized differently depending on the database console program you re using. Now let s get back to the department table and determine which data types to use. Don t worry that you don t have the table yet in your database; you ll create it a bit later. Figure 3-9 shows the design of department in pgAdmin III. department_id is a serial data type, and name and description are varchar data types.
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Sample of C# Code public String SharedInfo { get { return (String)Session["SharedInfo"]; } set { Session["SharedInfo"] = value; } }
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} writer.Close(); If schema information must be included, the application makes use of the XML serializer defined in the System.Xml.Serialization namespace. The constructor of the XML serializer takes the type of the data to process as an argument and invokes the Serialize method. In 11, I'll unveil what really happens at this stage and how the XML serializer sets itself up to work on a particular data type. For now, suffice to say that once the instance of the serializer has been configured, you simply call the Serialize method on the object instance to be persisted. When the object is a DataSet, the output is a DiffGram and a schema that is, an XML Schema and a DiffGram rooted under a common node. The name of the root matches the name of the type being serialized (for example, DataSet) and can't be modified programmatically. Loading DiffGrams with Schemas To read back a DiffGram and a schema into a DataSet object, you call the XML deserializer. Deserialization is the process of reading an XML document and building an object instance that coincides with a given XML Schema. With DataSet objects, the schema and the data are stored as distinct nodes under a common root. The data is expressed as a DiffGram. To set up the serializer, follow the same steps as in the previous section. You instantiate the XmlSerializer class and pass the type of the object to process, as shown here: XmlSerializer ser = new XmlSerializer(typeof(DataSet)); DataSet dsNew = (DataSet) ser.Deserialize(writer, ds); To deserialize, call the Deserialize method and cast the object you get to the DataSet type. DiffGrams and Remoting When a DataSet object is serialized to a .NET Framework formatter, it directly controls the format of its data through the methods of the ISerializable interface. In particular, a serializable class implements the GetObjectData method, as shown here: void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) The class passes its data to the formatter by adding entries to the SerializationInfo object using the AddValue method. A DataSet object serializes itself by adding a couple of entries, as shown in the following pseudocode: info.AddValue("XmlSchema", this.GetXmlSchema()); this.WriteXml(strWriter, XmlWriteMode.DiffGram); info.AddValue("XmlDiffGram", strWriter.ToString()); The information stored in the SerializationInfo is then flushed to a binary stream or a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) stream, according to the formatter in use. The gist of this story is that a DataSet object is remoted using a couple of XML documents one for the schema and one for the data and the data is rendered using 377
UnhandledException AssemblyResolve
Adding DFS Folders
Objective 5.2
1. Navigate to the Settings area, click Customizations, and then click Customize the System. The default solution opens. 2. In the default solution, expand the Entities list, expand the Account entity, and then click Forms. 3. Open the form you want to copy, and then click the Save As button in the ribbon. Enter the name and description of the new form. 4. After you have made the appropriate changes, save and publish the form. Note Although all fields and components of the form will be replicated, the security roles
TCP TCP receives data from the application layer and processes the data as a stream of bytes. These bytes are grouped into segments that TCP then numbers and sequences for delivery to a network host. When TCP receives a stream of data from a network host, it sends the data to the intended application. TCP ports enable different applications and programs to use TCP services on a sin gle host, as shown in Figure 2-2. Each program that uses TCP ports listens for mes sages arriving on its associated port number. Data sent to a specific TCP port is thus received by the application listening at that port.
35.4 A Software Developer s Reading Plan
A group with a global scope is actually a bit of an anomaly in an SBS domain, because it is designed to provide global scope across multiple domains, something that SBS doesn t support. Global groups can be members of universal and domain local groups, and they can have the following members: Other global groups Individual accounts
Figure 9-3. Bill of Materials (BOM)
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