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A human reader of this code would be inclined to interpret the statement to mean that x is assigned the value (3+4) * (2+7), or 63. The computer will ignore the white space and obey the rules of precedence, interpreting the expression as 3 + (4*2) + 7, or 18. The point is that a good layout scheme would make the visual
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Working with the Command Prompt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1029
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Page 8
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<asp:Image ID="Image1" SkinID="CompanyLogo" runat="server" />
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Figure 9-3 The maximum value displayed as a number
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<ws2007HttpBinding> <binding name="LitwareIssuerUsernameMixed"> <security mode="TransportWithMessageCredential"> <message clientCredentialType="UserName" establishSecurityContext="false" /> </security> </binding> </ws2007HttpBinding>
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SELECT n, dbo.PerRowRand() AS rnd FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= 10;
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Page 156 option if the device has multiple inputs, whereas a device that uses VFW drivers (or a WDM device that has only one input) will not provide this option. Figure 8.9 shows the page in the Capture Wizard that is displayed if your capture device uses WDM drivers and has multiple inputs.
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Automatic Automatic
/* Always save EBP explicitly. /* Move the stack.
BeforeDrop Build CoreDrop Build AfterDrop Build
The goal of XSL has evolved over time. Today, XSL is a blanket term for a number of derived technologies that altogether better qualify and implement the original idea of styling XML documents. The various components that fall under the umbrella of XSL are the actual software entities that you use in your code: XSLT Rule-based language for transforming XML documents into any other text-based format. XSLT provides for XML-to-XML transformation, which mostly means schema transformation. An XSLT program is a generic set of transformation rules whose output can be any text-based language, including HTML, Rich Text Format (RTF), and Wireless Markup Language (WML), to name just a few. XPath Query language that XSLT programs use to select specific parts of an XML document. The result of XPath expressions is then parsed and elaborated by the XSLT processor. Normally, the XSLT processor works sequentially on the source document, but it resorts to XPath if it needs to access and refer to particular groups of nodes. XPath was covered in 6. 237
Part V
In this version of the SrcFiles declaration, we used the **descriptor to denote that the src\ folder should be searched recursively for les matching the pattern *.txt. We could have stayed with the * pattern here as well, but I changed it for demonstration. We would expect all the les in the src\ and src\sub\ folder to be placed into the SrcFiles item. If you execute the PrintFiles target on this le, you would get the result shown in Figure 2-9.
The first argument is the type that should be created in response to client invocations, the second argument is the name of the service to be published, and the final argument is the Singleton flag.
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