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After we cover Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a high-level perspective, the subsequent chapters explain how you can configure, customize, and extend the software to meet your company s unique business needs. More Info This book explains how to configure and customize the Microsoft Dynamics
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Didi will probably nd herself unemployed.
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It is very important to note at this stage that web application development is a significant branch of development in general. This book is an introductory Ruby book, rather than a web application development book, so this chapter is focused on giving you a brief walkthrough of the concepts involved with Rails, Sinatra, and Ramaze, and information on where to go to learn more, rather than exhaustively showing you how to develop complete applications from scratch. Apress has a selection of books specifically about Ruby on Rails and web development available if you wish to learn more and progress further down this line of development. Also, links to further resources and tutorials are provided throughout this chapter. As well as limitations of space, a key reason for not focusing too much on the details in this chapter is that web application frameworks in particular have a history of changing rapidly. Indeed, this chapter has had to be rewritten almost entirely since the first edition of this book in 2006 because the techniques have become obsolete. To prevent this here, we ll focus on the higher-level concepts and look at quick examples of how they relate to code. Then, when you decide to investigate web application frameworks on your own, you ll be informed as to their basic operation, even if the specific techniques have changed.
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public static void Main() { SomeValueType v = new SomeValueType(0); Object o = new Object(); Int32 n = v.CompareTo(v); // No boxing n = v.CompareTo(o); // compile-time error }
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#define and #undef
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Page 3
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Choose your test site carefully
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Application Block Caching Cryptography Data Access Exception Handling Logging Security Validation Non-static Instance or Factory ICacheManager CryptographyManager Database ExceptionManager LogWriter TraceManager ISecurityCacheProvider IAuthorizationProvider ValidatorFactory ConfigurationValidatorFactory AttributeValidatorFactory ValidationAttributeValidatorFactory
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Complete PC Backup creates an image of your system drive and, optionally, any other drives you specify. The image includes data files, programs, and settings. When you use the Windows Recovery Environment to restore an image, your configuration is identical to the configuration in place when you created the backup. This option is not available in Home Basic or Home Premium editions. The Back Up Files Wizard copies data files, but not programs or settings. You can use a backup set created using this wizard to restore individual files or all backedup data, but in the event of a disk crash you ll need to reinstall Windows and all your programs to get back to work.
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Just as desktop software development often uses an integrated development environment (IDE) with a compiler, linker, headers, and libraries, so does development for mobile terminals. Nokia provides such an IDE for performing Qt development. The Carbide.c++ IDE is still available for C++ development as well. In this chapter we provide a tutorial that shows you how to get, install, and use the free IDE for Qt software development. After reading this chapter, you will be able to install the Nokia Qt software development kit (SDK) for your work, begin using the tools and designers available to create your application s user interface, and compile and load your application on to a Nokia device.
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When you build and run this code, the following output appears:
The Activator class also offers a set of static CreateInstanceFrom methods . These methods behave just as the CreateInstance method, except that you must always specify the type and its assembly via string parameters . The assembly is loaded into the calling AppDomain by using Assembly s LoadFrom method (instead of Load) . Because none of these methods takes a Type parameter, all of the CreateInstanceFrom methods return a reference to an ObjectHandle, which must be unwrapped .
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