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"x" > "y" and "y" > "x" are expressions that, by using a comparison operator, result in true or false outcomes.
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There are five different logging levels, ranked in order of severity, as follows: DEBUG: The lowest severity, used for debugging information for the developer INFO: General information about the operation of the program, library, or system WARN: A nonfatal warning about the state of the program ERROR: An error that can be handled (as with a rescued exception) FATAL: An error that is unrecoverable and that forces an immediate end to the program
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The following code shows an example of applying some of these properties to the PromptText property of the LabledTextBox control.
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Your virtual store can use most of the popular payment services to accept compensation for ordered products. At the time of this writing, VirtueMart features an extensive collection of supported services including 2Checkout, PayPal (IPN), Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net (AIM), eCheck, eProcessingNetwork, eWAY (XML transactions), LinkPoint, Montrada, Nochex, Paymate, Pay-Me-Now, PBS (Danish), Skipjack, and WorldPay. Even better, the system allows you to create your own payment types and define the transaction process for interfacing with new payment systems. You can set up the transaction methods (to interface with transaction companies such as PayPal, Paymate, eWAY, etc.) by selecting the List Payments option under the Store menu. All payment methods are displayed with their method code, discount, shopper group, payment method type, and enabled status (see Figure 11-15). As the figure shows, you can even limit payment types to particular shopping groups. You can disable payment types not available to your store without removing them from the system, just in case you need to add support for other services in the future.
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Figure 7-15. Execution plan for the query in Listing 7-12, with the new index in place
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As you can see, the developer must know when coding how many parameters the callback method requires and the types of those parameters . Fortunately, the developer almost always has this information, so writing code like the preceding code isn t a problem . In some rare circumstances, however, the developer doesn t have this information at compile time . I showed an example of this in 11, Events, when I discussed the EventSet type . In this example, a dictionary maintained a set of different delegate types . At runtime, to raise an event, one of the delegates was looked up in the dictionary and invoked . At compile time, it wasn t possible to know exactly which delegate would be called and which parameters were necessary to pass to the delegate s callback method . Fortunately, System.Delegate offers a few methods that allow you to create and invoke a delegate when you just don t have all the necessary information about the delegate at compile time . Here are the corresponding methods that Delegate defines:
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Experiment One effective way to learn about programming is to experiment with programming and the development process. If you don t know how a feature of your language works, write a short program to exercise the feature, and see how it works. Prototype! Watch the program execute in the debugger. You re better off working with a short program to test a concept than you are writing a larger program with a feature you don t quite understand.
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SL UI Notification Local Service Service Smart Card Local Service Local System Local Service
When defining a type s member (which includes nested types), you can specify the member s accessibility . A member s accessibility indicates which members can be legally accessed from referent code . The CLR defines the set of possible accessibility modifiers, but each programming language chooses the syntax and term it wants developers to use when applying the accessibility to a member . For example, the CLR uses the term Assembly to indicate that a member is accessible to any code within the same assembly, whereas the C# term for this is internal . Table 6-1 shows the six accessibility modifiers that can be applied to a member . The rows of the table are in order from most restrictive (Private) to least restrictive (Public) .
then I can write some code to build up a linked list that would look something like this:
Part III Processes
The task pane for the type of project you selected then prompts you to make the choices needed to complete the process. As you add merge fields to the publication, you can dynamically preview the merge by clicking outside the field text box. You can also position the mouse pointer on a merge field to display a Smart Tag; when you click the Smart Tag, you see a menu of options related to that particular item (see Figure 7-14). You can use this feature to change data as you work (for example, if you find that you need to change the spelling of one name) and to preview the way the customer data will appear as you create the merge.
On the other hand, valid HAVING clauses without group functions are very rare, and they should be rewritten. In Listing 8-28, the second query is much more efficient than the first one.
Perception and the Laws of Perception
Problem When I make changes to the php.ini file, they don t seem to have any effect.
Type x_string_type = typeof(System.String); ConstructorInfo x_constructor = x_string_type.GetConstructor(new Type[] {typeof(char[])});
var parser = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM"); // Parse the contents of the data island and makes // it available as a XML DOM object. The object is given // the same name as the <xml> tag's ID var xmldoc = parser.loadXML(xmldata); If your final goal is consuming the data island within the body of a managed control, there is no need to pass through a COM-based intermediate representation of the XML data. In this case, in fact, the parser that will actually process the data is the .NET Framework XML reader. The reader needs only a string of XML data, not a COM object. On the other hand, whenever you use the <xml> tag, Internet Explorer automatically creates the XMLDOMDocument object. So if the final destination of the data island is a Windows Forms control, you might want to speed things a little bit by not using the <xml> tag, which will produce a useless COM XML DOM object. Using a hidden field offers the same functionality at a lower price. But keep in mind that this option is valid only if you plan to consume the data island contents through embedded managed code. The Role of Script Code To establish a connection between the host environment and the managed control, you must use script code Javascript in particular. For this reason, while you're designing the interface of the managed control, don't forget what the actual callers of those methods will be. A Javascript client has different capabilities than a .NET Framework client, so you should keep the signature of public methods as simple as possible and avoid using arrays and other complex and user-defined types. In the dataisland.aspx sample code, the connection between the data island and the managed control is made through the Load method. The Load method accepts a simple string, which results in a signature that the Javascript code can easily match, as shown here: // At this point, Internet Explorer has already created // the XMLDOMDocument. You can retrieve the content of the // data island either through the XMLDocument object or // the innerHTML property. var data = xmldoc.XMLDocument.xml; // Pass the data island content to the managed control var listView = document.all("grid"); listView.Load(data); Avoiding Problems with Submit Buttons While developing the sample ASP.NET page to test the DataListView object, I ran into an interesting snag. I originally used the <asp:button> tag to insert a button to load the data island into the control. As a result, the data island was correctly read and the control filled, but a moment later the page refreshed, and the control lost its state and was displayed as empty. What happened The reason for this strange behavior is that the <asp:button> tag always generates a submit button, as shown here: <input type="submit" name="button1" value="Click me" /> 500
When we check the data changes again, we find the BadgeNumber column is still present but its value is NULL for the updated row . This is helpful because it means that applications that have been written to work with the existing interface will continue to work, as long as they can deal with the NULL value . To assist with this, SQL Server also keeps a history of the DDL changes, tracked by the trigger we saw earlier . You can see the history by executing the following command:
FIGURE 22-7 Changing the Permissions for the Shared Documents library
Part II
Managing Security and Information Access
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