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Code-Tuning Strategies
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Setting Up a Wireless Network
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You are consulting for a pharmaceutical company named Fabrikam, Inc. that special izes in the development of drugs that fight heart disease. Fabrikam is located in Ithaca, New York, and employs a staff of over 600 scientists and researchers, many of whom have worked for other companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Within the past 18 months, Fabrikam s research teams have made some breakthrough discoveries that they believe might lead to revolutionary treatments for cardiovascular disease. Despite this optimism, company executives are also concerned about the potential for security leaks and corporate espionage. A history of such leaks exists in the industry, and even if they cannot always be proven, such breaches of security are potentially disastrous for a company s bottom line.
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22.7 Keeping Test Records
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Finally, add code to the class to register it with the Microsoft AJAX Library by calling the registerClass method of the component. Be sure to indicate that the class inherits the Sys.Component class from the library. The following code shows an example that includes notification to the application that the script has been fully loaded.
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IsAsync IsCrossPagePostBack IsPagePersonalized MasterPageFile MaximumWeight
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3. You install a new application on a member server. The application reports that it is installing a service on the computer. The installation for the service requests a user name and password for which to run the service. You provide the name DOMAIN1\Service1. However, when you run the application for the first time, it is unable to start. You suspect that the account has not been given enough rights to start. What do you do a. On the member server, grant the Service1 account the Log On As A Service right. b. In the domain, grant the Service1 account the Log On As A Service right. c. On the member server, grant the Service1 account the Log On As A Batch Job right. d. In the domain, grant the Service1 account the Log On As A Batch Job right.
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Building Speci c Versions
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The sample then continues by executing the RaiseArgumentOutOfRangeException method of the SalaryCalculator class, like this.
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Severity describes the impact of the bug on the customer, the development process, and on the entire bug workflow. Severity factors in impact, frequency, and reproducibility of the bug and is usually a value from 1 to 4, where 1 is the highest severity. Most bug databases at Microsoft use the following severity definition: 1. Bug causes system crash or data loss. 2. Bug causes major functionality or other severe problems; product crashes in obscure cases. 3. Bug causes minor functionality problems, may affect fit and finish. 4. Bug contains typos, unclear wording, or error messages in low-visibility fields.
Machine authentication Machine certificates recommended
Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
Lesson 2: Exploring Specialized Server Controls
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