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The BulletedList Control
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Creating a DataObject Class
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processes in your application. Page output caching is configured on a per-page basis by using the Response object.
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As you can see, properties complicate the definition of the type slightly, but the fact that they allow you to write your code as follows more than compensates for the extra work:
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Practice: Creating a Dial-Up Access Server . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-19
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Public Event SaveButtonClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Sample of C# Code public event EventHandler SaveButtonClick;
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In this practice, you use different server-side state management techniques to track the number of pages a user has opened.
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9 . . The Hardware step should include several check boxes listing common hardware types . Add a CheckBoxList with the ID CheckBoxListHardware and fill it with the values you see here:
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ing scheme. Provides compatibility with non-Microsoft clients. The group policy applied to accounts using this authentication method must be configured to store passwords using reversible encryption. (Passwords must be reset after this new policy is applied.) Does not support encryption of connection data.
Exam Tip When you configure WINS lookup for a forward lookup zone, a WINS resource record pointing to the WINS server you specify on the WINS tab is added to the zone database. When you configure WINS-R lookup for a reverse lookup zone, a corresponding WINS-R resource record is added to the zone database.
/l:FileLogger,Microsoft.Build.Engine;Verbosity=m;logfile=overview.minimal .log /l:FileLogger,Microsoft.Build.Engine;Verbosity=d;logfile=overview .detailed.log. If you were using 3.5 you could use the shorter syntax for only one of the
When I ran this code, it took 134,174 milliseconds to access the instance field of a NonMBRO class that is derived from Object, and it took 1,533,886 milliseconds to access the instance field of an MBRO class that is derived from MarshalByRefObject . So, accessing an instance field of a class derived from MarshalByRefObject takes more than 12 times longer! From a usability standpoint, a type derived from MarshalByRefObject should really avoid defining any static members . The reason is that static members are always accessed in the context of the calling AppDomain . No AppDomain transition can occur because a proxy object contains the information identifying which AppDomain to transition to, but there is no proxy object when calling a static member . Having a type s static members execute in one AppDomain while instance members execute in another AppDomain would make a very awkward programming model . Since there are no roots in the second AppDomain, the original object referred to by the proxy could be garbage collected . Of course, this is not ideal . On the other hand, if the original object is held in memory indefinitely, then the proxy could go away and the original object would still live; this is also not ideal . The CLR solves this problem by using a lease manager . When a proxy for an object is created, the CLR keeps the object alive for 5 minutes . If no calls have been made through the proxy after 5 minutes, then the object is deactivated and will have its memory freed at the next garbage collection . After each call into the object, the lease manager renews the object s lease so that it is guaranteed to remain in memory for another 2 minutes before being deactivated . If an application attempts to call into an object through a proxy after the object s lease has expired, the CLR throws a System.Runtime. Remoting.RemotingException . It is possible to override the default lease times of 5 minutes and 2 minutes by overriding MarshalByRefObject s virtual InitializeLifetimeServices method . For more information, see the section titled Lifetime Leases in the .NET Framework SDK documentation .
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