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Occasionally when you're debugging through system code, you'll run into these two instructions. Instead of having long chains of PUSH instructions to save all general registers followed later by an equally long set of POP instructions to retrieve all general registers, the Intel CPU offers these two instructions to save and retrieve the registers for you. Very Common Simple Instructions MOV Move The MOV instruction is the most common instruction used on the CPU because it's the way to move values from one place to another. I just showed you how to swap two registers by using only PUSH and POP; now I'll show you how to make the same swap with the MOV command. void SwapRegisters ( void ) { __asm { // The EAX register is a temporary holder, so I put it on the 275
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Serialization Surrogates
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In this code, the variables latitude, longitude, elevation, x, y, and z are all declared to be of type Coordinate. Now suppose that the program changes and you find that you need to use double-precision variables for coordinates after all. Because you defined a type specifically for coordinate data, all you have to change is the type definition. And you have to change it in only one place: in the typedef statement. Here s the changed type definition:
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Here is an example showing how suppressing the flow of execution context affects data in a thread s logical call context when queueing a work item to the CLR s thread pool1:
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Mail and news accounts are probably self-explanatory: They allow you to send and receive e-mail and newsgroup messages. Directory service accounts are different and might better have been called connections than accounts. A directory service is a repository of information about people and businesses. When you don t know someone s e-mail address, you can try to find it by connecting to a directory service and performing a search. For more information about directory services, see Creating a Directory Service Account, in this chapter.
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private static Nullable<Int32> NullableCodeSize(Nullable<Int32> a, Nullable<Int32> b) { Nullable<Int32> nullable1 = a; Nullable<Int32> nullable2 = b; if (!(nullable1.HasValue & nullable2.HasValue)) { return new Nullable<Int32>(); } return new Nullable<Int32>(nullable1.GetValueOrDefault() + nullable2.GetValueOrDefault()); }
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90 You did not provide the correct parameters. a=10&b=20 No such method.
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Custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes the ability to add entirely new custom fields. You can add or delete custom fields on both custom entities and customizable entities. Customizable Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses system fields to manage the internal workings of the software. To ensure that the software always works correctly, Microsoft Dynamics CRM prevents you from deleting customizable fields. However, you can modify some properties of customizable fields. For example, you can specify the label and display name for customizable fields. Non-Customizable Non-customizable fields also are used to manage the internal workings of the software; however, they are not exposed to the end user. None of the properties of these fields can be updated. Non-customizable fields are easy to identify in the field view of an entity because the Customizable column equals False.
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The following commonly used methods are available on String objects: *: Returns a new string representing the current string repeated a certain number of times. For example: "abc" * 3 == "abcabcabc". <<: Appends data to the end of the string. If the supplied argument is an integer between 0 and 255, the ASCII character represented by that number is appended instead. =~: Matches a supplied regular expression against the string. The position of the first match is returned, otherwise nil. This technique is commonly used as a comparison expression to see if a string matches a regular expression.
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This policy needs two rules. One blocks all telnet communications and the other negotiates telnet from Computer2 to Computer1. To add the rules, you must first add the filter list, its filters, and a filter action. If you create a filter for a filter list that doesn t exist, the filter list is created. 3. To create a filter list with one filter that triggers on telnet and a source IP address of (Computer2), type the following command:
Instead, you must use the following simplified syntax:
In this example, you can see that the OR operator in SQL is inclusive; otherwise, the third row wouldn t show up in the result. The XML course belongs to the BLD course category (so the first condition evaluates to TRUE) and its duration is two days (so the second condition also evaluates to TRUE). Another point of note regarding the evaluation order for an OR operator is that conditions are evaluated in order until a TRUE condition is found. All subsequent conditions are ignored. This is due to the fact that for an OR operator to be satisfied, only one condition must evaluate to TRUE. So, even if you had many OR conditions, evaluation will stop as soon as the first TRUE occurs. In the upcoming discussion of the NOT operator, you will see how to construct an exclusive OR.
however, will be a side effect of the process itself. Rather than focusing on the number of comments, focus on whether each comment is efficient. If the comments describe why the code was written and meet the other criteria established in this chapter, you ll have enough comments.
Figure 7-6 The GridView in action in a simple scenario
Side effects tend to make code difficult to read. For example, if n equals 4, what is the printout of the statement shown in Listing 31-46
Create a test database (SQL Server) . Develop .NET code (Visual Studio):
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