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Properties for Configuring Data Operations
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Installing a Simple Gem
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The optional PARTITION BY clause allows you to request that the ranking values will be calculated for each partition (or group) of rows separately. For example, if you specify mgrid in the PARTITION BY clause, the ranking values will be calculated independently for each manager's rows. In the ORDER BY clause, you specify the column list that determines the order of assignment of the ranking values. The optimal index for ranking calculations (regardless of the method you use) is one created on partitioning_columns, sort_columns, covered_cols. I created optimal indexes on the Sales table for several ranking calculation requests.
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Reviewing a Range of BBP Examples
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$secure_card = new SecureCard(); $secure_card->LoadPlainDataAndEncrypt($plainCreditCard['card_holder'], $plainCreditCard['card_number'], $plainCreditCard['issue_date'], $plainCreditCard['expiry_date'], $plainCreditCard['issue_number'], $plainCreditCard['card_type']); $encrypted_card = $secure_card->EncryptedData; // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT customer_update_credit_card( :customer_id, :credit_card);'; // Build the parameters array $params = array (':customer_id' => $customerId, ':credit_card' => $encrypted_card); // Prepare the statement with PDO-specific functionality $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query return DatabaseHandler::Execute($result, $params); } public static function GetShippingRegions() { // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT * FROM customer_get_shipping_regions();'; // Prepare the statement with PDO-specific functionality $result = DatabaseHandler::Prepare($sql); // Execute the query and return the results return DatabaseHandler::GetAll($result); } public static function UpdateAddressDetails($address1, $address2, $city, $region, $postalCode, $country, $shippingRegionId, $customerId = null) { if (is_null($customerId)) $customerId = self::GetCurrentCustomerId(); // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT customer_update_address(:customer_id, :address_1, :address_2, :city, :region, :postal_code, :country, :shipping_region_id);'; // Build the parameters array $params = array (':customer_id' => $customerId, ':address_1' => $address1, ':address_2' => $address2, ':city' => $city, ':region' => $region, ':postal_code' => $postalCode,
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Figure 9-3 The new Welcome page of the AD DS Installation Wizard has the option to use advanced mode installation.
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The double-clicked graphical object is a drawing object: the Drawing Tools tab is inserted into the Ribbon and the input fields for determining the shape height and shape width are located in the Size group . Clicking the Launcher (marked with a circle in Figure 5-3) opens the Size and Properties dialog box . The double-clicked graphical object is a picture object: the Picture Tools tab is inserted into the Ribbon and the input fields to determine the shape height and shape width are located in the Size group . Clicking the Launcher also opens the Size and Properties dialog box here . Note You'll also find the command for calling the Size and Properties dialog box in the
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However, you may need to more finely control how the collection of items is displayed in the view, or track the user s interaction with the displayed collection of items, from within the view model itself. For example, you might need to allow the collection of items to be filtered or sorted according to presentation logic implemented in the view model, or you might need to keep track of the currently selected item in the view so that commands implemented in the view model can act on the currently selected item. WPF and Silverlight support these scenarios by providing various classes that implement the ICollectionView interface. This interface provides properties and methods to allow a collection to be filtered, sorted, or grouped, and to allow the currently selected item to be tracked or changed. Both Silverlight and WPF provide implementations of this interface: Silverlight provides the PagedCollectionView class, and WPF provides the ListCollectionView class. Collection view classes work by wrapping an underlying collection of items so that they can provide automatic selection tracking and sorting, filtering, and paging for them. You can use the CollectionViewSource class to create an instance of these classes programmatically or declaratively in XAML. Note: In WPF, a default collection view will actually be created automatically whenever a control is bound to a collection. In Silverlight, a collection view will be created automatically only if the bound collection supports the ICollectionViewFactory interface. Collection view classes can be used by the view model to keep track of important state information for the underlying collection, while maintaining a clean separation of concerns between the UI in the view and the underlying data in the model. In effect, CollectionViews are view models that are designed specifically to support collections. Therefore, if you need to implement filtering, sorting, grouping, or selection tracking of items in the collection from within your view model, your view model should create an instance of a collection view class for each collection to be exposed to the view. You can then subscribe to selection changed events, such as the CurrentChanged event, or control filtering, sorting, or grouping by using the methods provided by the collection view class from within your view model. The view model should implement a read-only property that returns an ICollection View reference so that controls in the view can bind data to the collection view object and interact with it. All WPF and Silverlight controls that derive from the ItemsControl base class can automatically interact with ICollectionView classes. The following code example shows the use of the PagedCollectionView in Silverlight to keep track of the currently selected customer.
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Here is a summary of the techniques you can use to reduce deep nesting, along with references to the section in this book that discuss the technique: Retest part of the condition (this section) Convert to if-then-elses (this section) Convert to a case statement (this section) Factor deeply nested code into its own routine (this section) Use objects and polymorphic dispatch (this section) Rewrite the code to use a status variable (in Section 17.3.) Use guard clauses to exit a routine and make the nominal path through the code clearer (in Section 17.1.) Use exceptions (Section 8.4) Redesign deeply nested code entirely (this section)
Listing 3-2. Sample queries
version. Apple is not known for keeping things like this up to date very well, and this chapter assumes you are running at least Rails 2.3 (whereas standard installations of OS X 10.5 still come with Rails 1.2 at the time of writing). Windows users can optionally choose to install Instant Rails (http://instantrails. rubyforge.org/) instead. It s a one-stop Rails installation solution that includes Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL, all preconfigured and ready to run out of the box. These elements are kept separate from your usual installations, so you can begin developing Rails applications immediately. This system is ideal to tide you over if you have problems installing Rails and/or MySQL otherwise.
internal sealed class MyWindowsForm : Form { public MyWindowsForm() { Text = "Click in the window to start a Web request"; Width = 400; Height = 100; }
The service starts automatically when the system is restarted.
Basic Permission Read
Business Layer Modifications
Click Change The Software Update Settings in the Tasks pane to open the Software Update Settings dialog box shown Figure 15-2. Select Server Updates to change the settings for servers; select Client Updates to change settings for client PCs. Select the level to use for this class of computers and then click OK to close the dialog box and change the level.
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The first step in the wizard asks you to select a destination. Note that the disk space requirements for an image-based backup can be substantial. Windows will warn you if the destination you choose doesn t have sufficient free disk space. (Network drives are, unfortunately, not supported in this release of Windows Vista Backup.)
A data source component is a data control that can implement some or all of a standard set of data operations. Whether a control implements the entire standard set of operations or only a subset depends on the class. For example, you can have a SQL data source control (a data source control that manages relational data) that supports selection and updates and another data source control that provides only selection capabilities. The standard set of data operations includes the four basic I/O operations: select, delete, insert, and update. The data source component is also expected to return the fetched data as an object. The type of the returned object depends on the particular implementation. The selection should be smart enough to support optional filtering and sorting. The data source component exposes these operations to page developers through a number of intuitive method calls on the data source control. The methods are grouped in a new interface that characterizes the data source components.
real World
<form runat="server"> <asp:button runat="server" id="button" text="Click..." /> </form> </body> </html>
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