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Add another method to EmployeeServices. Name this method GetEmployeeByDept. This method takes a department name as a parameter. It will then query the employee.xml file and return departments with a matching name. The query will transform the data into a list of Employee objects. The following code shows an example.
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If you think of the CheckBox control as a yes-or-no question, you can think of the RadioButton control as multiple choice. The RadioButton control (named after the series of buttons on a car radio that allows you to select only one station at a time) prompts the user to select one from a list of mutually exclusive RadioButton controls in a group. This is useful when you are asking a user to select a single item from a group of items. To group multiple RadioButton controls together, specify the same GroupName for each RadioButton control in the group. ASP.NET ensures that the selected radio button is exclusive within the group. Typically, you should set RadioButton.Checked to true for one of the RadioButton controls, to set the default. Instead of adding multiple RadioButton controls, you can add a single RadioButtonList control, and then add list items for the desired choices. Figure 4-5 shows an ASPX page in Visual Studio with two sets of RadioButton controls; Payment Type is implemented by using individual RadioButton controls, and Shipping Type is implemented by using a RadioButtonList. The RadioButton control s Text property specifies its caption. The TextAlign property is used to specify the side on which the caption appears. You determine which button is selected in your code by reading the Checked property of each control. The RadioButton control also exposes the CheckedChanged event so that your application can respond when a user clicks a radio button. This event does not automatically cause a postback to the server.
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Handling Events and Managing State
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14 Chars, Strings, and Working with Text
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Operator overloading can be a very useful tool, allowing developers to express their thoughts with succinct code . However, not all programming languages support operator overloading . When using a language that doesn t support operator overloading, the language will not know how to interpret the + operator (unless the type is a primitive in that language), and the compiler will emit an error . When using languages that do not support operator overloading, the language should allow you to call the desired op_* method directly (such as op_Addition) . If you are using a language that doesn t support + operator overloading to be defined in a type, obviously, this type could still offer an op_Addition method . From C#, you might expect that you could call this op_Addition method by using the + operator, but you cannot . When the C# compiler detects the + operator, it looks for an op_Addition method that has the specialname metadata flag associated with it so that the compiler knows for sure that the op_Addition method is intended to be an operator overload method . Because the op_Addition method is produced by a language that doesn t support operator overloads, the method won t have the specialname flag associated with it, and the C# compiler will produce a compilation error . Of course, code in any language can explicitly call a method that just happens to be named op_Addition, but the compilers won t translate a usage of the + symbol to call this method .
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If you need to do more sophisticated things like pre- or post-processing of data, you write appropriate event handlers for ItemCommand, ItemInserting, ModeChanging, and the like.
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Part V
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When you write your own HTTP module, the module s code is executed every time a page is requested from the server or a response is sent back to a requestor. This might be to implement a specific security model, to do extra logging, to rewrite a request, or to perform some similar function. In this way, HTTP modules are like the old Internet Server API (ISAPI) filters; however, all ASP.NET modules are managed (or, in other words, executed) within the CLR. ASP.NET itself uses HTTP modules for things such as session state and caching. You create an HTTP module by writing code that implements the IHttpModule interface. This code can be created as a separate assembly and shared across multiple web applications. You can also just write a class file and place it in your App_Code directory. ASP.NET creates an instance of the HttpApplication class when your application starts. This class finds any registered HTTP modules and creates an instance of each. You register an HTTP module by using the Web.config file (similar to registering an HTTP handler). When each module is created, its Init method is called. You override the IHttpModule.Init method to indicate the application events to which you want to subscribe. These are typically application life cycle events such as BeginRequest, AuthenticateRequest, ProcessRequest, and others. Your code is then called when these events fire for each request.
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One Solution: Common Gateway Interface
Editing the Registry
The Premise
Fortunately, the Java community voiced its opinion about the state of development created by the early J2EE specification. Developers started to notice that they could not express a rich business object model with EJBs, and they grew frustrated by the amount of steps required to deploy a simple service component or to make a domain entity persistent. Frameworks and techniques started to appear to deal with the cumbersomeness of the API. Most of the agile, lightweight Java frameworks revolved around the notion of working with POJOs, Plain Old Java Interfaces (POJIs), minimizing the amount of configuration, inversion of control (IoC; also known as dependency injection or DI), and dynamic rather than static provision of container services. Tools like XDoclet became a must-have for any development team looking to become productive with the API. These tools were crutches to deal with what was an apparent set of flaws in the specification. Frameworks like Spring showed what was possible by going back to basics, and rather than forcing your code to live by the rules of the environment (the J2EE container), you could have your code working unencumbered by the many services provided by the platform but with the ability to use them at will in a transparent way. Luckily for us, the complaints eventually made it into the specification via the Java Community Process (JCP) in the form of many JSRs influenced by what was wrong and what was missing in the world of Java EE. The main message is that writing Java EE applications had to be easier. The JSR 220: Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 sets out to improve the EJB architecture by reducing its complexity from the developer s point of view. In this chapter we will explore the new world of development using the bleeding-edge technologies in the Java EE 1.4 stack, specifically the EJB3 specification as provided by the JBoss Application Server, a truly revolutionary vision of what the Java EE server of the future will be like. In this chapter we will focus on extracting the essential services and processes from the design of the TechConf system and translating them into a system of components and pattern implementations that provide business services to the user-facing areas of the system while allowing us to maintain a rich domain model that can evolve to meet future needs.
If you are the type of user who prefers using the keyboard over the mouse (and there are many of us out here!), you will be pleased to know that the 2007 Microsoft Office system includes a number of features for keyboard lovers.
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