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1 Parameters (1) ParamToken : (08000001) Name : args flags: [none] (00000000) Method #2 MethodName: .ctor (06000002) Flags : [Public] [HideBySig] [ReuseSlot] [SpecialName] [RTSpecialName] [.ctor] (00001886) RVA : 0x00002068 ImplFlags : [IL] [Managed] (00000000) CallCnvntn: [DEFAULT] hasThis ReturnType: Void No arguments.
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To store DNS data in a custom application directory partition, select the fourth (bottom) option in the Change Zone Replication Scope dialog box, and specify the custom application directory partition in the drop-down list box. This option To All Domain Controllers Specified In The Scope Of The Following Application Directory Partition is available only if custom application directory partitions are available for DNS on your network.
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You administer a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 domain and have the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack installed on your client PC. Your network does not use private addresses. You have set a long lease time on the DHCP server on your network so that clients normally retain the same configuration and so that broadcast traffic because of DHCP is minimized. As a result, you regularly delete leases issued to clients that are no longer on the network. Which of the following methods can you use to perform this task (Choose all that apply.) A. Use the Ipconfig /release utility while logged on at your client PC. B. Open the DHCP console on your own PC. In the console tree, expand the server that holds the lease, expand the appropriate scope, and click Reservations. In the details pane, right-click the appropriate client and select Delete. C. Open the DHCP console on your own PC. In the console tree, expand the server that holds the lease, expand the appropriate scope, and click Address Leases. In the details pane, right-click the appropriate lease and select Delete. D. Open the DHCP console on the DHCP server that has issued the lease. In the console tree, expand that server, expand the appropriate scope, and click Address Leases. In the details pane, right-click the appropriate lease and select Delete. E. Open a command prompt on the DHCP server that has issued the lease. At the Netsh prompt, switch to the appropriate scope using the dhcp server scope ScopeAddress command. Then, use the dump IPAddress command to remove the lease. F. Open a command prompt on the DHCP server that has issued the lease and start the Netsh command. At the Netsh prompt, switch to the appropriate scope using the dhcp server scope ScopeAddress command. Then, use the delete lease IPAd dress command to remove the lease.
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Itkonen and Kristian Rautiainen, "Exploratory Testing: A Multiple Case Study," International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering, November 2005.
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Note that the NEWID function does not guarantee that a newly generated GUID will be greater than any previously generated one in the same computer. If you need such a guarantee, use the NEWSEQUENTIALID function. Note that this function guarantees that a new value is greater than any previously generated one only on the same computer, not across computers.
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n the old days, patches, especially security updates, were released whenever a new vulnerability was identi ed and corrected. When that happened a few times a year,
On Linux, like the Apache server itself, it is recommended that you compile the PHP code yourself and then perform the installation. Given the range of platforms, such a technical process is beyond the scope of this book. You can find instruction on the PHP site here: www.php.net/manual/en/install.unix.apache2.php.
GetValidators GetWebResourceUrl RegisterRequiresControlState SetFocus TestDeviceFilter
DOS command window and execute VSVARS32.BAT, which is located in <Visual Studio .NET Installation Dir>\Common7\Tools directory. VSVARS32.BAT gets your environment set up so that all the .NET appropriate directories are in your path. Once you've executed VSVARS.BAT, starting WinDBG from that MS-DOS command window allows you to load SOS.DLL simply by executing .load sos from the WinDBG Command window. WinDBG always puts the last loaded extension DLL onto the top of the chain, so executing !help shows you a quick listing of all the SOS.DLL commands. Using SOS Probably the best way to show SOS usage is with a live example. The ExceptApp program included with this book's sample files will show you how to get started with important commands. To keep things at a manageable level, I wrote this code to simply call a few methods with local variables and finally throw an exception. I'll walk through an example of debugging EXCEPTAPP.EXE with SOS so that you can learn about the important commands for finding where you are when an application using managed code crashes or hangs. With that information, you'll be in a position to more easily apply SOS to the problems you'll encounter and understand "Production Debugging for .NET Framework Applications." After you've compiled EXCEPTAPP.EXE and set up a MS-DOS command prompt as I described earlier, open up EXCEPTAPP.EXE in WinDBG and stop at the loader breakpoint. To make WinDBG stop when a .NET application throws an exception, you have to tell WinDBG about the exception number that .NET throws. The easiest way to do this is to go into the Event Filters dialog box, click the Add button, and in the Exception Filter dialog box, enter 0xE0434F4D. Select Enabled in the Execution group box, and select Not Handled in the Continue group box. Once you click OK, you've successfully set WinDBG to stop whenever any EXCEPTAPP.EXE throws a .NET exception. If the value 0xE0434F4D looks somewhat familiar, you can always see what it stands for by using the .formats command. After you have the exception set, run EXCEPTAPP.EXE until it stops on the .NET exception. WinDBG will report it as a first chance exception and stop the application on the actual Win32 API RaiseException call. After getting SOS loaded with a .load sos command, execute !threads (first command you'll always want to execute in SOS) so that you can see which threads in the application or dump have .NET code in them. With EXCEPTAPP.EXE, the WinDBG thread command ~ indicates that three commands are running in the application. However, the all-important !threads command lists that only threads 0 and 2 have any .NET code in them, as shown in the following output. (To get everything to fit in on the page, I show the individual thread information in a table. In WinDBG, you see it as a long horizontal display.) 0:000> !threads PDB symbol for mscorwks.dll not loaded succeeded Loaded Son of Strike data table version "e:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\mscorwks.dll" ThreadCount: 2 UnstartedThread: 0 BackgroundThread: 1 PendingThread: 0 DeadThread: 0 354 5 from
In this case, the clever version carries an 11 percent speed penalty, which makes it look a lot less clever. The results vary from compiler to compiler, but in general they suggest that until you ve measured performance gains, you re better off striving for clarity and correctness first, performance second. Even if you read statements with side effects easily, take pity on other people who will read your code. Most good programmers need to think twice to understand expressions with side effects. Let them use their brain cells to understand the larger questions of how your code works rather than the syntactic details of a specific expression.
On the morning after your organization has been closed for a two-week vacation, sev eral users report that they cannot access an intranet Web site on your Windows Server 2003 network from the browsers on their clients running Windows XP Professional. You ping the Web server s static IP address from your own PC and the ping times out. You check the Web server PC and discover that it has become disconnected from the network. You plug it back in and run Ipconfig /registerdns followed by Net stop netlogon and Net start netlogon. You can now access the Web site by typing the URL into your browser. However, the clients that previously could not access the site using their browsers still cannot access them. How do you solve this problem (Choose all that apply). A. Run Ipconfig /release and then Ipconfig /renew on the Web server.
Comments The .NET String class doesn't provide empty constructor support. The static String.Copy method can be used, although it's easier to use direct assignment of an empty string. The .NET String class doesn't new String(String) String.Copy(String) provide a constructor that takes a String as an argument. The static String.Copy method can be used, although it's easier to use direct assignment. Takes a pointer to a byte array. new String(byte[]) new String(sbyte*) These constructors are unsafe because they use pointers. new String(byte[],int,int) new String(sbyte*,int,int) Reads from byte array using the new String(byte[], charset) new String(sbyte*,int,int,Encoding) specified encoding scheme. This constructor is unsafe because it new uses pointers. String(byte[],int,int,charset) Supports both a char array and a new String(char[]) new String(char[]) pointer to a char array. The two constructors that take pointers to new String(char[],int,int) new String(char[],int,int) char arrays are unsafe. new String(char*) String(char*,int,int) StringBuilder.ToString() String(char, int)
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