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Generation Code39 in visual C#.net PUSH ECX CALL method. POP POP POP EDX ECX EAX CFlowTrace::FuncEnter You can also turn IP addresses into hostnames using the getname method: require 'resolv' ip = "" begin puts Resolv.getname(ip) rescue puts "No hostname associated with #{ip}" end
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The entire source code for a sample XML validating writer application can be found in this book's sample files. It is a console application named ValidatingWriter.
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Unmanaged solution Independent managed solutions Dependent managed solutions
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Because this type must implement multiple and separate GetMenu methods, you need to tell the C# compiler which GetMenu method contains the implementation for a particular interface. In C#, you qualify the method name by preceding it with the name of the interface itself. So, in the previous example, the IWindow.GetMenu method signals to the compiler that this method contains the implementation for IWindow s GetMenu method. Similarly, the IRestaurant.GetMenu method signals that this method contains the implementation for IRestaurant s GetMenu method. The unqualified GetMenu method simply identifies a method that the type defines; this method isn t related to any interface. Note that the interface methods are not declared as public. The reason they re not is that these methods lead a double life: sometimes they re public, and sometimes they re private. The following code will make this distinction clear to you:
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Make MMC work for standard users
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Security Role Definitions
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In the previous section, you saw how you can change the appearance of a Silverlight application by setting inline properties. This works perfectly fine, but it presents maintenance problems. From a maintenance perspective, it s better to separate the style properties from the control definitions. For example, consider the following TextBlock definition:
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using System; public class Hello { public static void Main(String[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); } }
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var table = new Dictionary<String, Int32> { { "Jeffrey", 1 }, { "Kristin", 2 }, { "Aidan", 3 }, { "Grant", 4 } };
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efficiencies, but in a QoS approach it is used to identify potential dissatisfaction (DSat) drivers. I often like to kid with the operations engineers, saying that there is little they can do to drive up customer satisfaction but a lot they can do to drive it down. This fact doesn't put operations in a very fun position, which is why it can be a challenging role. Here are a few key operational metrics and how they can be used to improve QoS: Root cause analysis (RCA) on any production outage can identify either a process problem or an underlying bug or architecture flaw. A high time to detection for a production issue can show holes in monitoring. A high time to resolution can indicate inadequate logging or diagnostic tools. Percentage of tickets resolved through Tier 1 or a self-healing system can show efficiency of handling simple, high-volume production issues. Resolving at Tier 1 or in an automated selfhealing system also brings down time to resolution. Percentage of false alarms can show errors in monitoring or alert thresholds. The richest area for finding product improvements is tickets by bucket. This is very similar to the call center coding but is the operational view instead of the customer perspective. Any area that has a high count is rich for product improvement or self-healing automation. When all three data sources are brought together, the team can better prioritize the right fixes to maximize improvements to customer satisfaction. Here is an example of how this could work in a very layered service: The call center team has a high number of complaints from users that could not process PayPal payments on the evening of June 23. When enough calls about a common problem have come into the call center an alert is sent to the live site operations team. Upon investigation they discover that PayPal has updated a certificate on their service that requires any other service trying to connect to them to also update to the new version. Certificates are essentially private keys services use to identify trusted partners. Upon review of this incident the call center, operations team, and product engineering team identify a gap in the service monitoring and agree to implement a PayPal monitoring solution and an alert system for when certificates need to be updated. The solution to add an alert will warn the operations team when the certificate is due to expire and thus prevent a future outage. On the off chance that this does happen again, the enhanced monitoring will reduce the time to detection and time to resolution. The key to the successful use of this approach is to bring all the data and all the stakeholders together to identify root cause and optimal improvements. Just Run It Once a Week, The Customers Won't Mind Oops! My own passion for QoS started many years ago after we launched the new version of the billing platform. It is a very embarrassing story, but it happened quite a long time ago and many names have been changed to protect the involved but innocent. The new billing platform was a major internal service that let us track all the users of the subscription services and allowed us to bill them correctly and be paid by the credit card companies. One element of the system was the nightly billing batch job. We ran it at night more out of history than for any design reason. A couple of weeks after launch, we were all in the war room triaging bugs. Operations joined us a bit late and started to share the issues they'd seen with the new system. Zach informed us that the nightly billing batch job was taking about five days to complete. They had only had two successful runs so far.
Certi cates are used to verify the identity of servers on the Internet. Certi cates also encrypt data to make a Remote Web Workplace connection secure. The default installation of Windows SBS 2008 con gures what is called a self-issued certi cate. This certi cate lets users securely access your Web sites if they install it on their remote computer or device. However, if users try to access your Web sites without installing the certi cate on their remote computer, they receive a certi cate warning. The warning tells users that the certi cate being used to secure the Web site is not trusted, and as a result the site is not trusted. The user must click through the warning to gain access to the Web site. And in these times when users are rightfully warned about malicious and deceptive Web sites, many will be reluctant to take what appears to be a risk. A trusted certi cate veri es the authenticity of your server and the identity of the person or organization applying for a certi cate. When you have a trusted certi cate, remote users no longer have to install your certi cate on their computers. So it is to your advantage to acquire a trusted certi cate.
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Compute-Bound Asynchronous Operations
The C# keyword lock is nearly equivalent to the Java keyword synchronized. The principle difference is that the lock keyword cannot be used as a modifier to synchronize access to an entire method. It's applicable only to statement blocks, as in the following example:
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