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FigURE 1-10 The Configure The Settings For Debugging And Tracing Your Application page.
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1. Click Start, click Run, type dcpromo.exe, and click OK to start the Active Directory Installation Wizard. 2. Follow the instructions in the wizard to create a domain named exam ple.com in a new forest. Install the DNS service when prompted to do so. 3. Using the Active Directory Users And Computers administrative tool, rightclick the example.com domain, and then click Raise Domain Functional Level. 4. Click Windows Server 2003, and then click Raise.
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Appendix A. Platform Integration
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-- After deleting subtree SELECT empid, REPLICATE(' | ', lvl) + empname AS empname, lvl, path FROM dbo.Employees ORDER BY path; ROLLBACK TRAN; -- rollback used in order not to apply the change
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are denied access, because the <deny users="*" /> element overrides the <allow users =" " /> default element in the Machine.config file.
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reason you can t or prefer not to use SQL Server Audit you can develop your own auditing solution by using triggers . In the previous example, in which I discussed the COLUMNS_UPDATED function, I provided a technique to identify which columns appeared as the target for the modification in the SET clause of the triggering UPDATE statement . You might want to use that technique for auditing . However, you might want to audit actual changes in column values and not just the fact that a column was a target of a modification . To demonstrate the technique that will allow you to achieve such auditing, first run the following code creating the tables T1 and T1_Audit:
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ByVal expression As String, _ ByVal format As String _ ) As String [C#] public static string Eval( object container, string expression, string format ); The additional parameter, format, is a standard .NET Framework format string. For example, the following code snippet, from Listing 9-4, will use the DataSource property of the containing Repeater control, get the ContractEnds field, and format it as a date: <%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "ContractEnds","{0:d}") %> The MSDN documentation contains complete documentation on format strings. Listing 9-4 uses all of the templates described in Table 9-2 except SeparatorTemplate. ItemTemplate and AlternatingItemTemplate are identical, except for the background color on the <tr> tags. HeaderTemplate contains the start tag of the HTML table element as well as a row of headers. FooterTemplate contains the row that holds the image to allow you to add a new record, as well as the HTML table end tag. RepeaterTest.aspx includes several HTML anchor tags to link to another form, named EditCustomer.aspx. More on that form later in this chapter, in the section Creating Data Entry Pages. Tip One problem I noticed initially in RepeaterTest.aspx was that Visual Studio .NET was reformatting my code in a way that caused problems. For example, an extra space was appearing between the first name and the last name. The culprit was the addition of an unwanted line break between the binding code for the first name and the last name that was somehow causing an additional space in the output. The solution is to choose Options on the Tools menu, and in the Options dialog box, navigate to Text Editor and then HTML/XML and Format. Then clear the Apply Automatic Formatting: When Saving Document and When Switching From Design To HTML/XML View check boxes. This is the first project I ve worked on in which the automatic formatting caused me any pain, but I ll leave it off for now, just to be safe. There are a number of settings that can make the text editor easier to use that you should investigate in the Options dialog box. RepeaterTest.aspx also has a code-behind file, named RepeaterTest.aspx.cs, shown in Listing 9-5. Listing 9-5 RepeaterTest.aspx.cs, the code-behind file for the Repeater class test page
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If you don t have a convention to handle this, you ll sometimes declare the string to be of length NAME_LENGTH and have operations on it with NAME_ LENGTH-1; at other times you ll declare the string to be of length NAME_LENGTH+1 and have operations on it work with length NAME_LENGTH. Every time you use a string, you ll have to remember which way you declared it. When you use strings the same way every time, you don t have to remember how you dealt with each string individually and you eliminate mistakes caused by forgetting the specifics of an individual string. Having a convention minimizes mental overload and programming errors.
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Advanced MVVM Scenarios
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Listing 7-7. Adding a Foreign Key Constraint alter table employees add (constraint E_DEPT_FK foreign key (deptno) references departments); Listing 7-8. The SALGRADES Table create table salgrades ( grade NUMBER(2) constraint S_PK , lowerlimit NUMBER(6,2) constraint S_LOWER_NN constraint S_LOWER_CHK , upperlimit NUMBER(6,2) constraint S_UPPER_NN , bonus NUMBER(6,2) constraint S_BONUS_NN , constraint S_LO_UP_CHK ) ; Listing 7-9. The COURSES Table create table courses ( code VARCHAR2(6) , description VARCHAR2(30) , category CHAR(3) , duration NUMBER(2) , , ) ; Listing 7-10. The OFFERINGS Table create table offerings ( course VARCHAR2(6) , begindate , trainer , location , ) ; DATE NUMBER(4) VARCHAR2(8) constraint constraint constraint constraint O_COURSE_NN O_COURSE_FK O_BEGIN_NN O_TRAIN_FK not null references courses not null references employees primary key (course,begindate) constraint constraint constraint constraint constraint C_PK primary key C_DESC_NN not null C_CAT_NN not null C_DUR_NN not null C_CODE_CHK check (code = upper(code)) constraint C_CAT_CHK check (category in ('GEN','BLD','DSG')) primary key not null check (lowerlimit >= 0) not null not null check (lowerlimit <= upperlimit)
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using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using Microsoft.Win32.SafeHandles; internal static class SomeType { [DllImport("Kernel32", CharSet=CharSet.Unicode, EntryPoint="CreateEvent")] // This prototype is not robust private static extern IntPtr CreateEventBad( IntPtr pSecurityAttributes, Boolean manualReset, Boolean initialState, String name);
As a general rule, the variables you initialize before the loop are the variables you ll manipulate in the housekeeping part of the loop.
You add a new computer or device to your network A visiting friend wants access to your wireless network to use its internet connection You upgrade the firmware in your router or other wireless device, and it loses all its settings You reinstall Windows Vista on one of your networked computers
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