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Many programmers are familiar with the concept of multiple inheritance: the ability to define a class that is derived from two or more base classes . For example, imagine a class named TransmitData, whose function is to transmit data, and another class named ReceiveData, whose function is to receive data . Now imagine that you want to create a class named SocketPort, whose function is to transmit and receive data . In order to accomplish this, you would want to derive SocketPort from both TransmitData and ReceiveData . Some programming languages allow multiple inheritance, making it possible for the SocketPort class to be derived from the two base classes, TransmitData and ReceiveData . However, the common language runtime (CLR) and therefore all managed programming languages does not support multiple inheritance . Rather than not offer any kind of multiple inheritance at all, the CLR does offer scaled-down multiple inheritance via interfaces . This chapter will discuss how to define and use interfaces as well as provide some guidelines to help you determine when to use an interface rather than a base class .
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Figure 1-20 The menu for customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
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the lucernepublishing.com domain is constructed as mfgserver.lucernepublish ing.com., which is the concatenation of the host name (mfgserver) with the primary DNS suffix (lucernepublishing.com), and the trailing dot (.). The trailing dot is a stan dard separator between the top-level domain label and the empty string label corre sponding to the root. (In everyday usage, the trailing dot is usually dropped, but it is added by the DNS Client service during actual queries.)
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There are three simple ways to run another program from within Ruby: the system method (defined in the Kernel module), backtick syntax (``), and delimited input literals (%x{}). Using system is ideal when you want to run another program and aren t concerned with its output, whereas you should use backticks when you want the output of the remote program returned. These lines demonstrate two ways of running the system s date program: x = system("date") x = `date` For the first line, x equals true, whereas on the second line, x contains the output of the date command. Which method you use depends on what you re trying to achieve. If you don t
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Course offerings without registrations are allowed. All one-to-many relationships in our case have this property, which is indicated in this type of diagram with a dotted line at the optional side of the relationship. Notice that we have two different relationships between EMPLOYEE and DEPARTMENT: each employee works for precisely one department, and each employee can be the manager of zero, one, or more departments. The EMPLOYEE entity also shows a recursive relationship (a relationship of an entity with itself) that implements the hierarchy within the company. Each entity in the ERM diagram has a unique identifier, allowing us to uniquely identify all occurrences of the corresponding entities. This may be a single attribute (for example, EMPNO for the EMPLOYEE entity) or a combination of attributes, optionally combined with relationships. Each attribute that is part of a unique identifier is preceded with a hash symbol (#); relationships that are part of a unique identifier are denoted with a small crossbar. For example, the unique identifier of the OFFERING entity consists of a combination of the BEGINDATE attribute and the relationship with the COURSE entity, and the unique identifier of the entity REGISTRATION consists of the two relationships to the EMPLOYEE and OFFERING entities. By the way, entities like REGISTRATION are often referred to as intersection entities; REGISTRATION effectively implements a many-to-many relationship between EMPLOYEE and OFFERING. An ERM diagram can be transformed into a relational table design with the following steps:
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FileDirectory. You can change the default location of the tracing files by
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To publish a DFS folder or namespace root in Active Directory so that users can
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private void HyperlinkButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { HyperlinkButton h = (HyperlinkButton)sender; string strTest = h.NavigateUri.AbsoluteUri; if (strTest == "http://www.microsoft.com/") { h.NavigateUri = new Uri("http://www.silverlight.net"); } }
FIGURE 12-2 Employee organizational chart
The Office PivotView Web Part, shown in Figure 9-12, offers the ultimate in flexibility. Use this web part if you want to let users switch between Datasheet, PivotTable, and PivotChart views of the same data. Click the View drop-down menu to choose among the three views.
Both are selected by default, but it s a good idea to check anyway. Windows Mail shares the settings for the two most restrictive security zones available in Internet Explorer the Internet zone and the Restricted Sites zone. By setting Windows Mail to follow the security restrictions observed in the Restricted Sites zone, you get the maximum protection that you have set for this zone in Internet Explorer. This setting goes a long way toward warding off potential viruses and Trojan horses. If something does make it past your defenses, the Warn Me option will provide protection against those viruses that replicate themselves by trying to hijack Windows Mail and its mail-sending capabilities. It s worth noting that ActiveX controls and scripts are always disabled in Windows Mail, even if you ve enabled them in the corresponding security zone for Internet Explorer. Also, the Warn Me capability is useless against modern viruses and worms that incorporate their own SMTP server to send infected messages without getting involved with Windows Mail.
Using the formatter as shown results in the following output:
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