3: Debugging During Coding in C#

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ErrorOutputFile WorkingDirectory DisableShadowCopy
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Formal and Constructive De nitions of Cardinality
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To create the puzzle pieces, you have to load the sl.jpg image into each element in the array of images. You can do this by using a uniform resource identifier (URI) to point to the image and the BitmapImage class (from System.Windows.Media.Imaging) to read the data from that URI and point it at the image control:
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Part IV
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Setting Up Your Storyboard and Narration
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// One thread performs all this work sequentially for (Int32 i = 0; i < 1000; i++) DoWork(i);
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Delete File(s)
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To get a good idea of how the ASP .NET Page model works, you can run the page again, but this time turn on the tracing mechanism . (You examine tracing in more detail later when you look at the diagnostic features of ASP .NET .) For now, you simply need to know that ASP .NET dumps the entire context of a request and a response if you set the page s Trace attribute to true . Here s the Page directive with tracing turned on:
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If you enter the room rst, simply position yourself somewhere in the room so that the next soldier can see the sign on your hat.
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PrintMessage( ++n, n + 2 );
SELECT DATEPART(weekday, DATEADD(day, @@DATEFIRST - 1, '20130212'));
13 Interfaces
Loop length can be measured in lines of code or depth of nesting. Here are some guidelines:
When an OSHandle object is garbage collected, the garbage collector will call its Finalize method. This method will perform any required cleanup operations and then call the base type s Finalize method so that it has a chance to perform any cleanup that the base type finds necessary. The call to the base type s Finalize method is inside a finally block. This ensures that it gets called even if OSHandle s cleanup code throws an exception for some reason. In this example, System.Object s Finalize method gets called. Object s Finalize method does nothing except return, so you could omit the exception handling code and the call to base.Finalize from the preceding code to improve performance without losing any "correctness." The C# compiler won t actually compile the previous source code. The C# compiler team found that many developers code their Finalize methods improperly. Specifically, many developers forget to use exception handling and also forget to call the base type s Finalize method. To make things easier for the developer, C# offers special syntax to define a Finalize method. The following C# code is identical to the preceding code except that it will compile because it uses C# s special syntax to define the Finalize method.
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2 Setup and Common Tasks
// find the command-word terminator foundTheTerminator = False;
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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