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Application Services
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private static void SerializationSurrogateDemo() { using (var stream = new MemoryStream()) { // 1. Construct the desired formatter IFormatter formatter = new SoapFormatter(); // 2. Construct a SurrogateSelector object SurrogateSelector ss = new SurrogateSelector(); // 3. Tell the surrogate selector to use our surrogate for DateTime objects ss.AddSurrogate(typeof(DateTime), formatter.Context, new UniversalToLocalTimeSerializationSurrogate());
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Setting Up and Troubleshooting Hardware
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Configure computer names that conform to DNS standards Configure a primary DNS suffix for a computer Configure a connection-specific suffix for an adapter Configure a DNS server list for network connections Configure a DNS suffix search list for network connections Configure a DNS client to request dynamic DNS updates View and clear the DNS client cache
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Lesson 1
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Create an FTP Web site in Visual Studio 2010
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Dynamic Chart Formatting and Other Tricks
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Java Class accept()
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Pressing F8 during the startup process takes you to the following Advanced Boot Options menu:
The Disk Cleanup options are fairly self-explanatory and merely consolidate functions already scattered throughout the Windows interface. For instance, you can empty the Recycle Bin, clear out the Temporary Internet Files folder, and purge files from the Temp folder. (Avoid cleaning out the Downloaded Program Files folder, which contains generally useful ActiveX and Java add-ins.) When you simply use these default settings, the Disk Cleanup utility is strictly an interactive tool. Each time you run the utility, you must select options you want to run and then click the OK button to actually perform the cleanup. Removing the Hibernation file can save a large amount of disk space an amount equal to the amount of RAM installed on your computer; choose this option only if you never hibernate your system.
suggested Practices
security policy
These results show little difference, except that slightly more user CPU time is used when using the times method rather than using for. You can use this same technique to test different ways of calculating the same answers in your code, and optimize your code to use the fastest methods. Benchmark also includes a way to make completing multiple tests more convenient. You can rewrite the preceding benchmarking scenario like this: require 'benchmark' iterations = 1000000 do |bm|"for:") do for i in 1..iterations do x = i end end"times:") do iterations.times do |i| x = i end end end The primary difference with using the bm method is that it allows you to collect a group of benchmark tests together and display the results in a prettier way. Example output for the preceding code is as follows: user system for: 0.850000 0.000000 times: 0.970000 0.010000 total 0.850000 ( 0.980000 ( real 0.967980) 1.301703)
Now you end up with overgrouping. In short, finding the right prefix length is a tricky process, and its accuracy and reliability is questionable. A much more accurate approach is to parse the query strings and produce a query signature for each. A query signature is a query template that is the same for queries following the same pattern. After creating these, you can then aggregate the data by query signatures instead of by the query strings themselves. SQL Server 2005 provides you with the sp_get_query_template stored procedure, which parses an input query string and returns the query template and the definition of the arguments via output parameters. As an example, the following code invokes the stored procedure, providing a sample query string as input, and it generates the output shown in Table 3-8: DECLARE @my_templatetext AS NVARCHAR(MAX); DECLARE @my_parameters AS NVARCHAR(MAX); EXEC sp_get_query_template N'SELECT * FROM dbo.T1 WHERE col1 = 3 AND col2 > 78', @my_templatetext OUTPUT, @my_parameters OUTPUT; SELECT @my_templatetext AS querysig, @my_parameters AS params;
Note that you need tuple variables again, because you join over only the EMPNO column; the columns h.DEPTNO and e.DEPTNO are now different. Figure 8-3 shows the syntax diagram of the ANSI/ISO join syntax, including the NATURAL JOIN operator, the ON clause, and the USING clause.
Here s an example of the easy way to call a routine by using a structured variable that contains the elements of the first parameter list:
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