Figure 7-13: The stack displayed in the Visual Studio .NET debugger Memory window in C#

Encoder 3 of 9 in C# Figure 7-13: The stack displayed in the Visual Studio .NET debugger Memory window

The CLR can abort a thread if the thread is taking too long to execute and return a response . (I ll discuss this more in the next section .) The CLR can unload an AppDomain . This aborts all of the threads that are in the AppDomain and causes the problematic code to be unloaded . The CLR can be disabled . This stops any more managed code from executing in the process, but unmanaged code is still allowed to run . The CLR can exit the Windows process . This aborts all of the threads and unloads all of the AppDomains first so that cleanup operations occur, and then the process terminates .
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You are a network administrator for Proseware, Inc., a book publishing company that operates out of a single building in Kansas City, Missouri. Proseware employs 200 fulltime workers, all of whom work on desktop computers, and 100 part-time workers, all of whom work on personal laptops. The part-time employees change docking stations frequently and work on various floors throughout the company building. Part-time employees work in the office at least one day per week. You are responsible for solving the following network problems. Answer the following questions by recommending the best course of action. 1. The address space used by your organization is This space is not large enough to accommodate all 300 workers at once; as a result, your network frequently runs out of DHCP leases. Nevertheless, no more than 30 part-time employees work in the office on any given day. How can you make
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If (Not inpParseLength.IsNull) Then ParseLength = inpParseLength.Value End If If (RawString.Length > ParseLength) Then maxlength = ParseLength End If While (pos < maxlength) currchar = RawString(pos) If (pos < maxlength - 1) Then nextchar = RawString(pos + 1) Else nextchar = RawString(pos) End If If (mode = "command") Then p2.Append(currchar) If ((",( =<>!".IndexOf(currchar) >= 0) _ And _ (nextchar >= "0"c And nextchar <= "9"c)) Then mode = "number" p2.Append("#") End If If (currchar = "'"c) Then mode = "literal" p2.Append("#") End If ElseIf ((mode = "number") And _ (",( =<>!".IndexOf(nextchar) >= 0)) Then mode = "command" ElseIf ((mode = "literal") And _ (currchar = "'"c)) Then mode = "command" End If pos = pos + 1 End While Return p2.ToString End Function
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are returned . These three columns are the minimum set of columns necessary to process a message . The message_type_name column indicates what kind of message has been received . You must always know the message type because even if the contract limits a service to a single incoming message type, error and end dialog messages might be received and must be processed appropriately . Using the message_type_id column instead of the name would be a little more efficient because an internal join is eliminated . However, there is no way to control the ID assigned to a message type, so using the ID isn t recommended unless you use only system message types that have stable IDs . The FROM clause specifies which queue to receive messages from . The RECEIVE statement finds the oldest conversation group with messages available on the queue that is not already locked by another transaction . The command then locks the conversation group and uses a DELETE or UPDATE with OUTPUT command to retrieve the messages . Even if there are messages on the queue from multiple conversation groups, only messages from a single conversation group will be returned by a RECEIVE command . This approach ensures that a RECEIVE command will lock only one conversation group at a time, which improves parallelism . It is possible and in many cases desirable for a single transaction to hold multiple conversation group locks, but each RECEIVE statement locks only a single conversation group . If your program has done a lot of work to restore the state for a conversation group, receiving messages from another conversation group may require throwing that state away and retrieving the state for the new conversation group . If there are more messages on the queue for the original conversation group, it will be more efficient to retrieve them while you have the state loaded . To support this, you can specify which conversation group to receive messages from:
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Watching and Managing Recorded TV
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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this book. Microsoft Press provides corrections for books through the World Wide Web at the following address: To connect directly to the Microsoft Press Knowledge Base and enter a query regarding a question or issue that you may have, go to: If you have comments, questions, or ideas regarding this book, please send them to Microsoft Press using either of the following methods: Postal Mail: Microsoft Press Attn: Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming Editor One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052 6399 E Mail: 13
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Table 12-3 shows the relation . Note that the during interval column overlaps in two rows for supplier 1 .
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AS BEGIN DECLARE @lvl AS INT = 0; -- Initialize level counter with 0 -- If input @maxlevels is NULL, set it to maximum integer -- to virtually have no limit on levels SET @maxlevels = COALESCE(@maxlevels, 2147483647); -- Insert root node to @Subs INSERT INTO @Subs(empid, lvl, path) SELECT empid, @lvl, '.' + CAST(empid AS VARCHAR(10)) + '.' FROM dbo.Employees WHERE empid = @root; WHILE @@rowcount > 0 AND @lvl < @maxlevels BEGIN SET @lvl = @lvl + 1; -- while previous level had rows -- and previous level < @maxlevels -- Increment level counter
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If you execute the SQL*Plus script in Listing 11-37, you will note what happens as a consequence of the SET ECHO OFF TERMOUT OFF command: the SQL*Plus screen remains empty. SQL*Plus only writes the results to a file. Listing 11-37. Contents of the htmldemoscript.sql Script -- ================================ -- htmldemoscript.sql -- ================================ SET ECHO off TERMOUT OFF set markup html on spool on preformat off entmap on head "<title>HTML Demo Report</title> <link rel='stylesheet' href='x.css'>" spool htmldemo.htm replace select empno, ename, init, msal from employees where deptno = 20; spool off set markup html off set echo on
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PowerPoint provides two ways for you to edit headlines. The rst method is to click the View tab and, in the Presentation Views group, click Normal. In this view, click in the title area of the slide, and then start editing. The second method is to view the presentation in Outline format. In Normal view, the leftmost pane of the PowerPoint window contains an Overview area with two tabs: Outline and Slides. Click the Outline tab to see a list of headlines and, to the left of each headline, a number and a small icon of a slide. Click in the text of the headline you want to edit. As you make changes to a headline on the Outline tab, the corresponding text in the title area of the slide to the right is updated. You can drag the vertical line at the right side of the Outline pane to increase or decrease its size to accommodate the width of the headlines. The Outline tab can be useful for reviewing all of the headlines of the slides in a list that you can read from top to bottom. Later you can print this outline to use as speaker notes.
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If you are accustomed to building ASP.NET applications, you need to rethink that approach to understand how an ASP.NET application running under MVC operates. The model that uses postback and ViewState is nonexistent with ASP.NET MVC. Instead, MVC uses a routing engine and a set of controllers that provide you with deeper control over your processing and output, at the expense of some automation. There are, however, a few familiar items that are preserved in ASP.NET MVC, such as master pages, style sheets, membership, and standard page markup. But almost everything else is different, including the process of a page through its life cycle. This lesson gets you started with using this very different web application architecture.
// This is a local variable now (error) var names = { "Aidan", "Grant" };
Color[] colors = (Color[]) Enum.GetValues(typeof(Color)); Console.WriteLine("Number of symbols defined: " + colors.Length);
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C ha P ter 13 W eB a PP LI C a t I O N F r a M e W O r K S : r a I LS , S I N a t r a , a N D r a M a Z e
If Register is called multiple times, then multiple callback methods will be invoked . These callback methods could throw an unhandled exception . If you call CancellationTokenSource s Cancel, passing it true, then the first callback method that throws an unhandled exception stops the other callback methods from executing, and the exception thrown will be thrown from Cancel as well . If you call Cancel passing it false, then all registered callback methods are invoked . Any unhandled exceptions that occur are added to a collection . After all callback methods have executed, if any of them threw an unhandled exception, then Cancel throws an AggregateException with its InnerExceptions property set to the collection of exception objects that were thrown . If no registered callback methods threw an unhandled exception, then Cancel simply returns without throwing any exception at all . Important There is no way to correlate an exception object from AggregateException s
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24.1 Kinds of Software Evolution
The taskbar houses the Start button, the notification area, and a button for each running program. You can use these task buttons to switch from one running program to another. You can also click a task button to minimize an open window or to reopen a minimized window. The taskbar can also hold one or more toolbars. (Typically, it hosts the Quick Launch toolbar, described in the previous section. You can also put additional toolbars there as well; see Adding Toolbars to the Taskbar, in this chapter.)
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