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Print Code 3/9 in .net C# Figure 2-10: The Environment Variables dialog box

You can see that there are eight small orders, two medium orders, and one large order. To return a histogram with ten steps, simply provide 10 as the input to the fn_histsteps function, and the query will yield the histogram shown in Table 6-29: SELECT step, COUNT(*) AS numorders FROM dbo.fn_histsteps(10) AS S JOIN dbo.Orders AS O ON qty >= lb AND qty < hb GROUP BY step;
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Table 11-12. The ValidationType Enumeration
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Second, here is the code for an AddInTypes .dll assembly defining two public types that implement the HostSDK s interface . To build this assembly, the HostSDK .dll assembly must be referenced:
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Of course, you could now use the function and aggregate the trace data by query signature. However, keep in mind that although T-SQL is very efficient with data manipulation, it is slow in processing iterative/procedural logic. This is a classic example where a CLR implementation of the function makes more sense. The CLR is much faster than T-SQL for iterative/procedural logic and string manipulation. SQL Server 2005 introduces .NET integration within the product, allowing you to develop .NET routines based on the common language runtime (CLR). CLR routines are discussed in Inside T-SQL Programming; there you will find more thorough coverage and a comparison of the TSQL and CLR-based implementations of the function that generates query signatures. You can also find some background information about CLR development in SQL Server in 6 of this book. The CLR-based "enhanced" implementation of the function using C# code is provided in Listing 3-5.
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17 Diagnostics and Debugging
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BuildNumber OverrideTarget
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Routing with Windows Server 2003
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However, this practice is not recommended because you might make changes to the SELECT list and forget to revise the ORDER BY list accordingly. Also, when the query strings are long, it s hard to gure out which item in the ORDER BY list corresponds to which item in the SELECT list.
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Perceiving, Interpreting, Understanding
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EMPNO ENAME INIT -------- -------- ----7499 ALLEN JAM SQL> Solution 9-4b. Using GROUP BY SQL> 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 e.empno, e.ename, e.init registrations r join courses c on (r.course = c.code) join employees e on (r.attendee = e.empno) where c.category = 'BLD' group by e.empno, e.ename, e.init having count(distinct r.course) = (select count(*) from courses where category = 'BLD'); select from
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Log Event Codes 50 and Above
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You have created a webpage that contains many controls that are validated by using validation controls. This page also contains Button controls that perform postbacks. You disabled all of the client-side validation and noticed that when you clicked any of the Button controls, the code in the Click event handler was executing even when some of the controls did not have valid data. How can you best solve this problem to ensure that code is not executed when invalid data exists
If you have a large number of VPN clients or the clients are running different
Microsoft Office System for Microsoft Windows Vista
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