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} At loading, the form reads the settings from the configuration file, extracts position and size information, and updates the Location and Size properties. Next the form is displayed in the same location and at the same size as when it was closed. Enumerating All Settings The AppSettings property is a static member shared by all instances of ConfigurationSettings running in the application domain (AppDomain). If you need to access all the application settings, or simply to count them, you don't need to read one property after the next. The property already contains all the settings in an easily manageable NameValueCollection object. The following code shows how to enumerate all the settings in a drop-down list: foreach(string s in ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings) SettingList.Items.Add(s); SettingList.SelectedIndex = 0; Figure 15-1 shows the sample application in action. The drop-down list contains all the settings.
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Solutions Overview and Concepts
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Changing a Zone s Security Settings
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This topic causes me difficulty because it s yet another new feature to appear in a standard program, and I regard it with a mixture of approval (for the technical component) and skepticism (for commitment to quality) . I approve the fact that tools are provided that allow you to produce good or even professional designs with relative ease . I m skeptical because it takes more than just hip, effective tools to create good or even professional design results . Also essential and I don t mind repeating myself here are knowledge, experience, and time .
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SET NOCOUNT ON; USE tempdb; GO DECLARE @root AS INT = 1; WITH TwoNums AS ( SELECT n FROM(VALUES(1),(2)) AS D(n) ), SortPath AS ( SELECT empid, 0 AS lvl, n, CAST(n AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS sort_path FROM dbo.Employees CROSS JOIN TwoNums WHERE empid = @root UNION ALL SELECT C.empid, P.lvl + 1, TN.n, P.sort_path + CAST( ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY C.mgrid -- *** determines order of siblings *** ORDER BY C.empname, C.empid, TN.n) AS BINARY(4)) FROM SortPath AS P JOIN dbo.Employees AS C ON P.n = 1
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Solution 9-3b. Using NOT EXISTS SQL> select e.* 2 from employees e 3 where not exists (select o.trainer 4 from offerings o 5 where o.trainer = e.empno); EMPNO ----7499 7521 7654 7698 7782 7839 7844 7900 7934 ENAME -------ALLEN WARD MARTIN BLAKE CLARK KING TURNER JONES MILLER INIT ----JAM TF P R AB CC JJ R TJA JOB MGR BDATE MSAL COMM DEPTNO -------- ----- ----------- ----- ----- -----SALESREP 7698 20-FEB-1961 1600 300 30 SALESREP 7698 22-FEB-1962 1250 500 30 SALESREP 7698 28-SEP-1956 1250 1400 30 MANAGER 7839 01-NOV-1963 2850 30 MANAGER 7839 09-JUN-1965 2450 10 DIRECTOR 17-NOV-1952 5000 10 SALESREP 7698 28-SEP-1968 1500 0 30 ADMIN 7698 03-DEC-1969 800 30 ADMIN 7782 23-JAN-1962 1300 10
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Parameters As in Sinatra and Rails, you can access parameters, but using the request variable instead of params. Instead of interpolating parameters within the URL as you can in Sinatra, with Ramaze it s more usual take a traditional approach and have parameters passed as query parameters (whether on the URL or through a form).
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In Figure 9-1, we can see that the network has two ways for a user on Network A to reach Network C. If everything is working properly on the routing infrastructure, there is a direct link from Router A to Router C. Therefore, the fastest way for traffic to get to Network C is to use that link. Next we see that the physical circuit from Router A to Router C is lost. The topology change triggers a dynamic routing protocol update to all interested routers, and the routing protocol makes an assessment of the new topology. It finds that there is another path from Network A to Network C through Router B. The routing protocol updates all interested routers with the change, and now the path via Router B is the primary choice for communications. Next we see that the link between Router A and Router C is reestablished. Because that link is a faster route with fewer hops for the data to traverse than the Router A to Router B to Router C option, the routing protocol will automatically
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changes before they take effect.
In theory, at least, you may be able to improve the performance of a TCP/IP-based network by tweaking specific settings in the registry . The TCP Receive Window (RWIN) and Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) settings control technical details of how your TCP/IP connection transfers and receives packets . The internet is awash with sites that claim to offer helpful advice and utilities that you can use to reset these values . Beware! Most of these articles are based on TCP/IP settings from previous Windows versions and do not apply to Windows Vista, which generally does a good job of configuring connections properly . In fact, tweaking settings without understanding their consequences is a near-certain route to slower performance, and it may result in connection problems when your tweaked packets hit routers and other connection points on the internet that can t handle them . If you feel compelled to experiment, set a System Restore checkpoint first, and read the definitive and exhaustive Tweaking FAQ at the Broadband Reports site, http://www.vista-io.com/1405, before you fire up Registry Editor .
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A. OnInit B. Finalize c. ToString D. Render
Although the steps to create a bridge are simple, the concepts behind it are potentially confusing. Here s what you need to know:
Table 1-14. Two Most
7 . . To see how the site map data works with the site, hook up the main menu to the new site map . Open the Site .master file in the Designer and select the navigation menu control (currently it will have links to the Home and About pages) . Click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the menu to open the menu tasks . Open the drop-down list associated with Choose Data Source, and then click New Data Source . This activates the Data Source Configuration dialog box . There, set the Menu data source to the default site map file, and then click OK . The following graphic shows how to select a site map data source for the Menu control:
As well as handling different types of exceptions using different code blocks, it s possible to receive exceptions and use them. This is achieved with a little extra syntax on the rescue block: begin puts 10 / 0 rescue => e puts e.class end
>> Domain:Value 00158298:04a4130c <<
Now let s test how the trigger works . First, I am checking the current name and history of names for supplier 3:
The first example will find the nearest point of interest in the GeoNames table to a particular location in Alaska:
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