Figure 7-3: Hitting a data breakpoint 245 in visual C#

Draw Code 39 Extended in visual C# Figure 7-3: Hitting a data breakpoint 245

Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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After completing all configuration tasks, initiate the VPN connection by performing the following steps: 1. On ROUTER2, in the console tree in the Routing And Remote Access snapin, click Network Interfaces. 2. In the details pane, right-click the VPN_Seattle interface and then click Connect. 3. Confirm that the connection state of the VPN_Seattle demand-dial interface has been set to Connected.
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select the process you want to use. (If all CPUs are selected, Windows sets the process af nity as it sees t.)
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One of my rst encounters with a real-world scaling problem and with na ve expectations about scaling took place in 1969 in my eighth-grade metalworking class. One of the projects was to build a 5-by-7-inch folder out of sheet metal, hinged at the top. I wanted to build a folder twice as big (10-by-14 inch) so that I could use it for standard notebook paper. Shop class students had to pay for the materials they used, and for this project, that meant three pieces of metal (two pieces of sheet metal for the front and back of the folder and one length of hinged metal for the shorter side) and a few rivets or screws. The teacher agreed to let me build a double-sized folder, as long as I paid double for the materials. Of course my folder needed more than twice as much metal. Let s do the actual calculation, assuming the at metal cost $0.01/square inch and the hinge cost $0.10/inch, ignoring the cost of the rivets and screws. The details for several different sizes of notebook, including the two sizes mentioned here, are shown in Table 5-1.
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Triage is a term taken from the medical industry and is used by every single product team at Microsoft. In emergency rooms, the triage process is used to determine where to focus medical resources first. In other words, it's the method used to determine that the head injury needs to be handled before the broken finger, and the broken finger needs to be dealt with before the person with the rash from poison ivy. It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature! At some point, just about everyone who has worked on a software project has heard the expression "It's not a bug, it's a feature." This is said mostly when something that appears to be a bug is actually the intended behavior of the software. Sometimes the bug is reported because the tester doesn't understand the design. Other times, the tester argues that the design is in fact wrong. In most cases, however, the phrase is used with sarcasm to describe something that seems like a bug to everyone except, perhaps, the person who created the design in the first place. One particular day, I spent several hours arguing with a developer about a "by design" bug. I thought his resolution was more a result of laziness and apathy than a sincere design decision. Eventually, I think we both gave up and decided to go home for the night. I was walking through the parking lot trying to remember where I parked (a frequent occurrence after long days at work) and couldn't help but laugh when I saw an old Volkswagen Beetle (or "Bug") parked in one of the stalls. The car was mostly navy blue but had a yellow cover on the engine with a vanity plate centered on it. The vanity plate read "FEATURE." At Microsoft, the triage concept is applied to incoming bugs instead of incoming patients. Triage happens at all levels of the product. The primary responsibility of the triage team is to be decision
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Figure 22-2 provides a rough idea of the relationship between project size and the source of errors.
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Using this method along with the ToString method, you can display all of an enumerated type s symbolic and numeric values, like so: code to generate barcode 128
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Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition Servers running the following operating systems can host only a single namespace: Windows Server 2008 Standard Windows Server 2003 R2, Standard Edition Windows Server 2003, Web Edition Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition All versions of Windows 2000 Server
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Be careful too about mistaking < for <=. Make sure that the loop terminates properly with values that fall into the top ranges and that the range boundaries are handled correctly.
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note For Windows users, there s a video screencast of the SQLite 3 installation process at http://
Trick 1: Use Slide Sorter View to Manage the Volume
down list, select Only Use Point To Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and
570 CHAPTER 23
Given the wide variations in reports, combining results from multiple studies as Beizer has done probably doesn t produce meaningful data. But even if the data isn t conclusive, some of it is suggestive. Here are some of the suggestions that can be derived from it:
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