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Many NAS systems are built on hardware RAID, providing an easy and cost-effective way to expand your original server storage in a highly fault-tolerant way. However, it pays to look closely at exactly what you are buying some are built on RAID 0, which is not fault-tolerant at all and actually increases your risk. We only brie y mentioned Storage Area Networks (SANs) earlier, and we won t mention them again. Although they are excellent, fast, exible, and highly faulttolerant, they are only for those with really large IT budgets at this point. Plus, they can be rather tricky to implement and con gure. Given the strong advances in NAS, we think NAS provides a better solution for those running on realistic budgets.
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n Note In the code listings in this chapter, any code that s within classes is indented, as with the
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When you want to talk to a specific database, you usually need to connect to it . At the very least, most of the time this involves specifying the location of the database . For many scenarios, connecting also requires managing security (with user names and passwords) . More advanced scenarios might also require dealing with such issues as connection pooling and
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Select Group Policy Management from the Administrative Tools menu. Select the Group Policy object you want to lter and click the Scope tab. On the Scope tab in the Security Filtering section, click Add and locate the groups or users who should have the policy applied to them, as shown in Figure 20-8. Make your selection and click OK.
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SELECT id, N.c1.value('declare namespace VI= ""; (VI:Company)[1]','NVARCHAR(30)') AS Company, N.c1.value('declare namespace VI= ""; (VI:Creator)[1]','NVARCHAR(30)') AS Creator FROM dbo.VisioDocs CROSS APPLY doc.nodes('declare namespace VI= ""; /VI:VisioDocument/VI:DocumentProperties') AS N(c1);
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Protected Sub Button_Command(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.CommandEventArgs) _ Handles Forward.Command, Up.Command, Back.Command Select Case e.CommandName Case "Back" FeedbackLabel.Text = "Back" Exit Select Case "Up" FeedbackLabel.Text = "Up" Exit Select
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Encapsulating an AjAX Client Control as a Custom Control
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A DropDownList control named ChoiceDropDownList. Add three ListItem controls to the DropDownList (one for each choice). A Button control named submitbutton.
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3 . . Select the AutoFormat option on the Configuration menu . Here you have the opportunity to apply a couple of predefined styles to the FormView . The example accompanying this text uses the Classic formatting style . 4 . . Enable paging by selecting Enable Paging on the FormView Configuration menu . Set the HeaderText property (in the Visual Studio Properties pane) to give the FormView a title (perhaps something like .NET Reference Authors and Titles ) . 5 . . After configuring the FormView, Visual Studio will show you a representation of the format the query will use when it is rendered to the browser:
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Silverlight 3 adds H.264 decoder support so that the <MediaElement> in Silverlight can play back H.264-encoded content. This is an important step for companies that have invested in digitizing their assets using this format and that would like to take advantage of Silverlight for building rich user interfaces. If you haven t played with H.264 before, you can do so with the full version of Expression Encoder 2, which, with Service Pack 1 added, supports encoding in this format. If you don t have Expression Encoder 2, there s a free encoder at The rest of this section discusses encoding files using Expression Encoder. With Expression Encoder, you can import files from many different formats. This example uses a MOD file as commonly produced by many camcorders. Start Expression Encoder and click the Import button. Point it at your file, and you ll see the file being loaded and prepared by Expression Encoder. Before you encode, you can select the encoder profile to use in the Encode tab, as shown in Figure 10-14.
If success against the strategy requires training, those needs should be described, including analysis of how the training supports the strategy.
Then, right-click the Default Web Site node and click Add Application on the shortcut menu . (The illustration shows how to perform this operation in IIS 7 .5 . If you re using earlier versions of IIS, the screen will look slightly different though you can add new virtual directories in the same way .) IIS will ask you to provide a name for the application/virtual directory:
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23 Assembly Loading and Reflection
public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { // No cast needed since new returns an Employee object // and Object is a base type of Employee. Object o = new Employee(); // Cast required since Employee is derived from Object. // Other languages (such as Visual Basic) might not require // this cast to compile. Employee e = (Employee) o; } }
For example, A appears 3 times, and there are 0 rows with a col1 value smaller than A. B appears 2 times, and there are 3 rows with a col1 value smaller than B. And so on. The next step (which produces the output shown in Table 4-25) is to expand the number of rows or create sequentially numbered copies of each row. You achieve this by creating a derived table out of the previous query and joining it to the Nums table as follows, based on n <= dups: SELECT col1, dups, smaller, n
Figure 9-4 The new page of the Active Directory Installation Wizard, showing the additional options for the domain controller installation.
Registered Back-End Users Registered back-end user groups contain the various administrative users of the site. Administrators have the ability to change access and permissions, alter the site template, create new sections and categories, install new components, and other functions. The three groups for back-end users are as follows: Manager: The manager group has the lowest authority in the administrative pyramid. Members of this group have limited access to the administrator Control Panel, and can confirm registration for users and perform basic maintenance such as categorizing an article or managing sections and categories.
The Stocks table contains daily stock prices.
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