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The following code demonstrates how to use these three techniques:
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Example code:
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Note As of this writing, I haven t found any of cial documentation from Microsoft that
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Point A simple position in space . LineString A set of points with connected by straight edges . LineStrings may be open (have different start- and endpoints) or closed (have the same start- and endpoint); and may or may not be simple (non-self-intersecting) . (See the section Working on the Ellipsoid later in the chapter for additional discussion of edges .) Polygon A region whose boundary is defined by a set of rings (simple, closed LineStrings) . MultiPoint A collection of zero or more points . A collection of zero or more LineStrings . A collection of zero or more Polygons . A collection of zero or more instances of any of these primitives .
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Part II:
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Default DNS Suffix Searches By default, the DNS Client service first attaches the pri mary domain suffix of the local computer to the unqualified name. If the query fails to resolve this name, the DNS Client service then adds any connection-specific suffix that you have assigned to a network adapter. Finally, if these queries are also unsuccessful, the DNS Client service adds the parent suffix of the primary DNS suffix. For example, suppose the full computer name of a multihomed computer is The network adapters on Computer1 have been assigned the connection-specific suffixes and, respectively. If on this same computer you type computer2 into the Address text box in Internet Explorer and then press Enter, the local DNS Client service first tries to resolve the name Computer2 by performing a query for the name If this query is unsuccessful, the DNS Client service queries for the names and If this query does not succeed in resolving the name, the DNS Client service queries for the name
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This flag allows you to control the lifetime of an object . Specifically, you are telling the garbage collector that this object must remain in memory even though there might be no variables (roots) in the application that refer to this object . When a
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In the example on the right side of the figure, the series overlap was set to 50 percent; the data points overlap by half . This is not only an occasionally aesthetically pleasing, but also a space-saving solution . Moreover, overlaps enable the setup of certain intersection displays in Excel 2007 (see Figure 8-17, right), because the column fills can be transparent and the area of overlap can be displayed in a mixed color .
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Subnet 2 (100 megabit Ethernet)
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Part IV: Advanced Topics
<Bindable(True), Category("Appearance"), DefaultValue("")> _ Property [Text]() As String Get Return _text End Get
As you can see, the LEN function reports a batch length of 100,059 characters .
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