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could also get it from shopping_cart; the result would be the same because the table join is made on the product_id column.
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Test Fast
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With the WHERE clause, you can specify a condition to filter the rows for the result. We distinguish simple and compound conditions. Simple conditions typically contain one of the SQL comparison operators listed in Table 4-2. Table 4-2. SQL Comparison Operators
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Basic Behavior of Composite Controls
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the publisher s public/private key pair . This key pair must also match the key pair used for all versions of the JeffTypes assembly . After all, this is how the CLR knows that the same publisher created both the JeffTypes assembly and this publisher policy file .
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Colors and Color Systems
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Now, when I run this version of the code, I get the following output:
12 Gabriel 11
By default, the common language runtime (CLR) assumes that all method parameters are passed by value . When reference type objects are passed, the reference (or pointer) to the object is passed (by value) to the method . This means that the method can modify the object and the caller will see the change . For value type instances, a copy of the instance is passed to the method . This means that the method gets its own private copy of the value type and the instance in the caller isn t affected . Important In a method, you must know whether each parameter passed is a reference type or a
Part III Essential Types
Description Uses strict checking of names. These restrictions, set in Request for Comments
Indentation When Indented Formatting is used, Indentation specifies the number of IndentChar characters to use as indentation for each level of the XML hierarchy (specified as an int). IndentChar The char to use for indenting; default to a space. QuoteChar The quotation mark to use with attribute values; must be either a single quotation mark or a double quotation mark. In the preceding example, the output was one long string. If instead we configure the formatting of the XmlTextWriter with the following statements:
Core Facilities
2. Gather Issuer (ADFS) information.
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