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Server Core by default has a blank administrator password. The password for the local administrator is set during the first logon as that user. Because you normally log on to the computer to join it to a domain, you would be asked to set this at that time, but it is still worth knowing. It is not necessarily a bad idea to leave the built-in administrator password blank. If the computer is physically secure, doing so would present no significant attack surface because blank passwords cannot be used remotely. On the other hand, leaving the password blank makes managing the local administrator passwords on hundreds or thousands of servers in a data center drastically easier. Evaluate your situation: If you are comfortable with the physical security of your servers, you may decide that leaving the password blank is the best option. It is likely to be more secure by far than using the same password on thousands of servers. If any one of those thousands of servers gets compromised, all of them should be considered compromised. This is a type of security dependency discussed in 13.
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FIGURE 7-4 Form footer
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Solution #1 Windows XP Service Pack 2 installs a firewall that defaults to blocking all IP ports, including the http port (80), which Apache needs to communicate with the outside world. With this port blocked, sometimes Apache won t even start!
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A 22-page white paper published June 2002, entitled Software Update Services Overview. This paper provides a good introduction to SUS but does not cover issues specific to Windows Server 2003. A 95-page white paper published January 2003, entitled Deploying Microsoft Software Update Services. This paper provides in-depth information about imple menting SUS on both Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 networks.
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When you re done writing data via the BinaryWriter object, you should call Dispose or Close. (Because the BinaryWriter type implements the dispose pattern, you can also use it with C# s using statement.) Both of these methods do exactly the same thing: cause the BinaryWriter object to flush its data to the FileStream object and close the FileStream object. When the FileStream object is closed, it flushes its buffer to disk just prior to calling the Win32 CloseHandle function. Note You don t have to explicitly call Dispose or Close on the FileStream object because the BinaryWriter calls it for you. However, if you do call Dispose/Close explicitly, the FileStream will see that the object has already been cleaned up the methods do nothing and just return.
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This method terminates the process without running any active try/finally blocks or Finalize methods . This is good because executing more code while state is corrupted could easily make matters worse . However, FailFast will allow any CriticalFinalizerObjectderived objects, discussed in 21, Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection), a chance to clean up . This is usually OK because they tend to just close native resources, and Windows state is probably fine even if the CLR s state or your application s state is corrupted . The FailFast method writes the message string and optional exception (usually the exception captured in a catch block) to the Windows Application event log, produces a Windows error report, creates a memory dump of your application, and then terminates the current process . Important Most of Microsoft s FCL code does not ensure that state remains good in the case
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To build Web pages based on a master, you start by creating the master. A master page is a file with a .master extension. The syntax of a master page is not much different from that of a regular .aspx page. A master page has two key characteristics:
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Developing Web Forms Pages
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The chart is either exceptionally high or exceptionally wide (for bar charts) and a second data label on the opposite side facilitates the perception and assessment of the categories . You use a secondary category axis and define its axis options (intervals, interval units) differently from those of the primary category axis . You then apply separate major gridlines (Chart Tools/Layout/Gridlines) for each axis; this results in two major gridlines that run in the same direction (and partly overlay) but can be formatted separately .
124 ChAPTER 3 Handling Events and Managing State
The first way to manage cached items is to give them expiration thresholds . In some cases, you might be aware of certain aspects of your cached data that allow you to place expiration times on it . The Cache supports both absolute expirations and sliding expirations .
Pointer to root
This interface requires that you implement the Convert and ConvertBack functions. The former is used when the data is read from the binding, the latter when it is being written to the binding. So, in both cases, ensure that the value is a double. Note that you don t really need a double in the Convert for this sample because the error you encounter occurs when you type a string into the TextBlock, causing a ConvertBack to be called.
<TextBox Canvas.Top="0" x:Name="txtInput" Text="{Binding Source={StaticResource TSD}, Path=open, Mode=TwoWay}"> </TextBox>
{ cn.Open(); Repeater1.DataSource= cmd.ExecuteReader( CommandBehavior.CloseConnection);
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A SID is composed of several required elements. Figure 1-8 shows the different components of a SID.
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