6: Advanced .NET Debugging with Visual Studio .NET in .net C#

Maker Code39 in .net C# 6: Advanced .NET Debugging with Visual Studio .NET

As we saw in 4, the XmlTextWriter class provides methods for encoding and writing arrays of bytes, and an image no matter the format is just an array of bytes. A further step is needed to transform the Bitmap object into an array of bytes that make up a JPEG image. To convert a Bitmap object to a real-world image format, you must use the Save method. The Save method can accept only a file name or a stream, however. To solve this problem, you first save the bitmap as a JPEG image to a memory stream. Next you read back the contents of the stream as an array of bytes and write it to an XmlTextWriter object as BinHex or base64 code, as shown here: // Save the bitmap to a memory stream MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(); bmp.Save(ms, ImageFormat.Jpeg); int size = (int) ms.Length; // Read back the bytes of the image byte[] img = new byte[size]; img = ms.GetBuffer(); ms.Close(); The preceding code snippet converts the instance of the Bitmap object that contains the bar chart to an array of bytes the img variable that represents the JPEG version of the bitmap. As the final step, you encode the bytes as BinHex (or base64, if you prefer) and write them to an XML stream, as shown here: // Prepare the writer StringWriter buf = new StringWriter(); XmlTextWriter xmlw = new XmlTextWriter(buf); xmlw.Formatting = Formatting.Indented; // Write the XML document xmlw.WriteStartDocument(); xmlw.WriteComment("Sales report for "+ m_Year.ToString()); xmlw.WriteStartElement("jpeg"); xmlw.WriteAttributeString("Size", size.ToString()); xmlw.WriteBinHex(img, 0, size); xmlw.WriteEndElement(); xmlw.WriteEndDocument(); // Extract the string and close the writer string tmp = buf.ToString(); xmlw.Close(); buf.Close();
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<p align="center"> <button type="button" onclick="action.trigger()">Back</button> </p>
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Look at the line of code just below the comment . The if statement first checks to see if fb is not null . If fb is not null, on the next line, you see the code that invokes the callback method . The null check is required because fb is really just a variable that can refer to a Feedback delegate object; it could also be null . It might seem as if I m calling a function named fb and passing it one parameter (val) . However, there is no function called fb . Again, because it knows that fb is a variable that refers to a delegate object, the compiler generates code to call the delegate object s Invoke method . In other words, the compiler sees this:
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IsFixedSize GetValue
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Installing Windows Vista on a Computer with Other Windows Versions
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Part I CLR Basics
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Of course, a publisher can set policy only for the assemblies that it itself creates. In addition, the elements shown here are the only elements that can be specified in a publisher policy configuration file; you can t specify the probing or publisherPolicy elements, for example. This configuration file tells the CLR to load version of the JeffTypes assembly whenever version of the assembly is referenced. Now you, the publisher, can create an assembly that contains this publisher policy configuration file. You create the publisher policy assembly by running AL.exe as follows:
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28. Managing Construction
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For details on using case state7 ments, see Section 15.2, 8 case Statements.
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error message appears after the opening, you can ignore this by clicking OK .
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12.9 Creating Your Own Types
using System; public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { Int32 v = 5; // Create an unboxed value type variable. #if INEFFICIENT // When compiling the following line, v is boxed // three times, wasting time and memory. Console.WriteLine("{0}, {1}, {2}", v, v, v); #else // The lines below have the same result, execute // much faster, and use less memory. Object o = v; // Manually box v (just once). // No boxing occurs to compile the following line. Console.WriteLine("{0}, {1}, {2}", o, o, o); #endif } }
Configuring DHCP Servers and Clients
The Power of Components
the array, and for each type it uses the GetMethods method to retrieve all public methods in an array of the MethodInfo objects . This procedure retrieves type and method names only . The Reflection classes allow you to get other metadata information as well for example, the names and types of input parameters . Here s the definition of the GetAssemblyInfo stored procedure using Visual Basic code:
Figure 3-14 The EmployeesWebPart control in action
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