2: Getting Started Debugging in visual C#.net

Integrating 3 of 9 in visual C#.net 2: Getting Started Debugging

public class NewsHeadLine { public string strHead { get; set; } public string strLine { get; set; } public string strDescription { get; set; } public string strPubDate { get; set; } }
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For this task, you should complete the previous two practices first.
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Creating a Migration Answer File
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void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (!IsPostBack) { WeatherCacheDependency dep; dep = new WeatherCacheDependency(Zip.Text, 5); Cache.Insert( Weather- + Zip.Text, dep.Temperature, dep); } // Consume the data ShowTemperature(); }
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Writing and Working with HTTP Modules and Web Services
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When you're done experimenting with the UNPIVOT operator, drop the PivotedCategories table: DROP TABLE dbo.PivotedCategories;
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XAML also supports text through the TextBlock element. Control over typical text properties such as content, font type, font size, wrapping, and more is available through attributes. Following is a simple example:
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Thread Stack
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<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003"> <ItemGroup> <src Include="src\**\sub_one.txt" /> </ItemGroup> <Target Name="PrintWellKnownMetadata"> <Message <!-- %40 <!-- %25 <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message <Message </Target> </Project> Text="===== Well known metadata =====" /> = @ --> = % --> Text="%40(src->'%25(FullPath)'): @(src->'%(FullPath)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(Rootdir)'): @(src->'%(Rootdir)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(Filename)'): @(src->'%(Filename)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(Extension)'): @(src->'%(Extension)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(RelativeDir)'): @(src->'%(RelativeDir)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(Directory)'): @(src->'%(Directory)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(RecursiveDir)'): @(src->'%(RecursiveDir)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(Identity)'): @(src->'%(Identity)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(ModifiedTime)'): @(src->'%(ModifiedTime)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(CreatedTime)'): @(src->'%(CreatedTime)')" /> Text="%40(src->'%25(AccessedTime)'): @(src->'%(AccessedTime)')" />
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Connectivity is a huge topic, and this chapter has tried to cover the most important areas for SBS networks. We ve covered DHCP and DNS, wireless connectivity, rewall con guration, Remote Web Workplace (RWW), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and the Fix My Network Wizard. In the next chapter, we ll cover Group Policy and how you can use it to help manage your SBS network.
counter A representation of an object found in the system. You monitor counters for performance reasons to help you determine whether processes are running smoothly. sampling (or sample) rate The frequency at which a counter is checked to see whether specific criteria are met. The faster a counter is sampled, the more accu rate the response can be. However, the slower a counter is sampled, the less cen tral processing unit (CPU) must be used. Process Identifier (PID) A unique value to a running process in the system. trigger An action taken when a sampled counter is set to go off. Triggers are typi cally set for when a counter rises above a certain value or drops below a certain value. forwarder The next server the DNS will query. A connection that makes two disparate networks act like one netnetwork bridging work.
Send() SendTo()
B, and C (with 25 records each). If you delete option set value A, Microsoft Dynamics CRM deletes that value from the form so that no new records can select option set value A. Unfortunately, the existing 25 records that displayed the value of A display a blank option set value when you open them. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics CRM reminds you of this data deletion when you attempt to delete an option set value. You cannot deactivate an option set value if it s no longer in use you can only delete it. Tip You can increase the length of a field if necessary. This is especially useful when integrating
Setting Up the Test Lab
IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway:
In this section, I ll cover different aspects of deleting data, including TRUNCATE versus DELETE, removing rows with duplicate data, DELETE using joins, and large DELETEs.
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